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Flatted Granite Seam

The seam was ground down, honed and prepared to fine polishing. To minimize dust in the living apartment we used vacuum cleaner to catch the most dust. more...

What are Marble Chips Repair Options?

Chips on Granite Table

Hello, I just moved from Brooklyn to Riverdale in the Bronx and unfortunately, two corners of the marble top of my sideboard did not fare so well. I would love to know what my repair options are and how much it might more...

2 Main Reasons for Marble Steps Replacement

1. A crack or step with large chip, have to be replaced as fast as possible. It’s become very danger to have such piece. Tenants can get serious injury as usually it’s weak and loosen. Urgently after a damage more...

What is needed to custom marble fabrication?

Any stone is needed three basic tools to perform fabrication: Saws There are different saws to serve different functions during the fabrication process. – Block saws cut the block into smaller and more customized more...

Shower Floor Cleaned and Sealed

Mosaic shower floor restoration. Image after.   more...

When to Restore a Marble Countertop?

This time is now if you answer “Yes” on any one of following questions: 1. Are there a lot of etches, watermarks, clouds, rings? 2. Is a surface looks dull overall? 3. Is it worn out? 4. Are there a lot of deep more...

Splotchy Cloudy Spots on Black Granite

Although the black granite is the most durable and stain-resistant among other granites, it can be easily etched and spotted by improper/acidic cleaner. The picture above shows brand new black granite tiles with haze more...

Etches on Tiles in Bathroom Restoration

Acid Alkaline Scale

The bathroom’s only a few weeks old and we have been very careful not to clean it with anything other than soap and water. We’re concerned that if we don’t know what caused this that getting it fixed more...

Process of Counter Tops Restoration

You probably had hard time while deciding to be restored or not to be restored. So if now it’s the time, and your choice is to be, next run is for us. First off we’ll schedule appointment for reviewing and more...

About Marble Restoration and its Features

Marble restoration in most cases is a time consuming process, and involves using of special equipment, chemicals, sanding and polishing materials along diamond abrasives. Depending on mineral compositions of natural more...

Process of Marble Countertop Refinishing

Dull Countertop Restoration

Marble refinishing is usually referring to process of modifying marble surface. The purpose of countertop refinishing can be a surface restoration, changing its appearance or both. In case of restoration, a surface more...

Enriched Jamb on Slate Fireplace

Curved engravings on black slate surface was cleaned, polished and enhanced. more...

What Others are Saying About Us

Eugene blew us away with how fantastic our bathroom turned out. We recently moved into an apartment and were disappointed by how poorly the marble stone was kept. A friend recommended Eugene, he was very responsive more...

Functional Marble Fireplace Mantel before Cleaning

White marble parlor fireplace before cleaning and polishing. Brownstone house in Brooklyn NY more...

Marble Steps Restoration Features

Steps restoration is process of refurbishing of old steps, staircases and its parts to a clean often like new appearance. Often it is combined with entire thread restoration and replacement of most damaged steps or more...

The use of Brown Marble for Kitchen Countertops

Emperador Dark Dining Table

In most, marble is not recommended as a material for kitchen countertops. But brown marble is less prone to color stains, stains are almost invisible on it, due to the color of the stone, in contrast to white and beige more...

Mold on Grout in Shower

The picture shows some mold growing on the floor grout in the mosaic shower. It’s not big yet, but it would definitely develop deeper and blacker. more...

Color Enhancing Sealer Can Bring a Rich Color to Most Dark Marbles

Color enhancer sealer can tinge and bring a richer color to the marble while hiding small scratches and worn out areas. It does not polish stone but gives the “wet” appearance, can be applied to sanded or more...

Restored Brown Limestone Bathtub Top

We restore this tub top by deep grinding, erosion holes patching, epoxy excess removal, polishing, sealing and caulking. more...

How to choose the right estimate?
In Home or Remote Estimate?

Depending on a project we can offer 2 kinds of no-obligation estimates. One of them is “In-Home Estimate“, it’s reviewing the work on site. To schedule an appointment you’ll need to contact more...

Porcelain Tile Surface Shine Restoration and Buffing

Although the porcelain tiles a man-made material with very hard surface, in some cases it is possible to buff the surface and achieve desirable level of shine. more...

Stains and Erosion on Limestone Bathtub Top

You can see on the picture many white stains all around the marble tub top, it is actually not stained, it is marble erosion, caused by constant contact with water and bathing products. As well you can notice mold on more...

Knoll 47″ Arabescato Marble Restoration

Hello there, I was recently thrilled to find a 47″ Knoll on Craigslist for a great price, however, the sealant on the top is a bit scratched up and yellowed in places, and there are several sizable chips along the more...

Impregnation for Natural Stone Protection

Impregnants also is known as sealers, after application on surfaces of materials like marble, granite, concrete, grout, terrazzo, the absorption of material decreases by 4-10 times. As a result, a time of leaving more...

Three Main Marble Care Procedures

Natural marble care can be divided into three basic procedures –  daily maintenance, cleaning and protecting. Daily maintenance. As a daily routine for floors made of natural stone, especially marble, dry more...

Moldiness on Shower Floor Grout Removal

Picture of molded marble shower floor. Mold has black color and located on the grout at the corner of shower. The mold looks like just began to grow, it’s best time to remove it as it still has no deep roots in more...

Shower Marble Threshold Pieces before Installation

The old shower threshold was removed and the new pieces fabricated and installed.   more...

24 Basic Marble Care Tips

1. Avoid getting any acid based cleaners such as toilet bowl cleaner on your stone as it will damage or “etch” the surface of the stone. 2. Make sure you seal your marble/grout periodically as the more...

How to use an epoxy that fix a marble crack?


Can the polyurethane coating be fixed?

My travertine round dining table was sealed with polyurethane. Nail polish was spilled and removed some of the coating. Can this be fixed? more...

Is it a bad idea to use polished Carrera marble for a bathroom floor?


Natural and Artificial Stones We Work With

Marble A crystalline rock composed predominately of one or more of the following materials: calcite, dolomite, or serpentine, and capable of taking polish. Sandstone A sedimentary rock consisting usually of quartz more...

Chemicals and Products We are Using for Stone Restoration

List of possible chemicals and substances we can use: Dia-Glo (TM). Diamond Buffing Compound for Marble Dia-Glo (TM). Diamond Buffing Compound for Dark Granite Dia-Glo S (TM). Buffing Compound for Black Granite Only 5X more...

Alkaline cleaners (strippers) for Marble

Most stones are sensitive to both acidic and alkaline detergents. Acids spoil the stone, dissolving calcium, which binds its crystals (which is especially dangerous for marble, limestone, travertine and other types of more...

Rectangular Ceramic Sink Installation

Occasionally we do new sink installations or attaching it to a marble vanity. The proper installation mean the even alignment of the sink among the edges of cutout. more...

The Oval Sink Installed. Image

Ceramic oval sink installed on brown limestone vanity. more...

Mold and Soap Stain on Shelf in Shower

This triangle shelf was re-grouted, re-polished and sealed. more...

Building Panels Restoration. Upward View

To polish the panels we used several fold-able ladders standing on scaffolding. more...

Steps of Step Replacement. Midwood Brooklyn NY

Old marble step before the replacement Old Step Demolition Old Step Removed New step installed and ready to go The new White Carrara step was ordered and fabricated in “Appia Granite” shop. The step more...

White Carrara Door Saddle Before Installation


Price of marble floor polishing – what is included and what depends of?

Each case is individual. Therefore, the answer to such a question as the marble floor polishing price depends on many factors: on how long the stone lies, on the type and color of the marble, what is condition and how more...

Caulking on Pre-Taped Corner

To achieve smooth, straight and neat caulk lines, the caulking corner can be pre-taped. On painted walls a blue tape is recommended as it has less stickiness than white masking tape. more...

What type of marble is better natural or cultured?

The two kinds of marble typically have different applications, as they have different appearances and properties. No marble is comparable to the other, because they do not have the same uses. For commercial heavy duty more...

How easy minimize marble staining?


How to remove a marble tile and install new one?

1. Identify a broken tile that you need to replace. Remove old grout as deep as you can with grout knife. 2. Crush the old tile with tile/masonry chisel and hammer, pay close attention to surrounding tiles to avoid its more...

Recommended Shipping Box

For small and ship-able items we can offer nationwide service. Please contact us for more details. more...

What do I need for a marble polishing?


Please suggest how to do the lamination of the table top.

I wish to laminate the top of dinning table of Italian Marble to retains its polish and could protect from scratches. The size of the table top is 4′ X 4′ X 2 pcs. more...

I have heard some restore guys say you need to put a seal …

I have heard some restore guys say you need to put a seal on the marble floor when complete with the honing/polishing/buffing? some say not. What do you think? Thanks more...

Is there a treatment that will make a Caesarstone resistant to scratching?

Caesarstone Scratches

Hi, I have a countertop in a new home that I purchased that gets scratched very easily. I would like to know what the cost is for repairing the countertop, and if there is any treatment that will make it more resistant more...

Saarinen Knoll Tulip Table Remove the Old Coating

Hi, I am in Australia and have a Saarinen Knoll Tulip marble table with what appears to be some sort of Poly coating which is delaminating. Half the table has delaminated by itself but the other half is still rock solid more...

Strip Laminate from Knoll

Good morning I’m in London and I’m guessing a little bit out of your call out area! I have a Knoll oval table that has the lam top coat cracking and pealing whats the best stuff to use to strip the whole more...

Have anyone used Botticino Fiorito marble in bathroom?

Have anyone used Botticino Fiorito marble in bathroom (wall and floor)? Is it hard to maintain (other than re-seal every year)? Is the color too light (i.e., not too much contrast to white bathtub/countertop)? more...

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    Lynn W. Avatar
    Lynn W.
    5 star rating

    Eugene blew us away with how fantastic our bathroom turned out. We recently moved into an apartment and were disappointed by how poorly the marble stone was kept. A friend recommended Eugene, he was very responsive and professional. You can tell he takes pride in his work. He spent two full days polishing, cleaning, caulking and grouting the entire bathroom and it looks like new. Before he left we asked for a proposal for the kitchen! I highly recommend him and would use him for every stone job we have moving forward.
    He is simply the best.

    Elle S. Avatar
    Elle S.
    5 star rating

    The first, I was impressed with how fast they got back to me after asking for a quote. Eugene was professional, fast, and keep his promises. He communicates well and it was very easy to work with him, and I was very pleased. It is very important to me that people who I work with is professional and trustworthy. I can see a long-term relationship with them and am very happy to find them. By the way I found them by looking for an answer on Houzz for my question about my furniture.

    Leonard K. Avatar
    Leonard K.
    5 star rating

    Eugene did right by us! Lowest estimate of several I received, but no corners cut. Very patient answering all my questions by email, super professional and respectful in my apartment, including thorough cleanup, and my counters look great!

    Shaun S Avatar
    Shaun S
    5 star rating

    Eugene was great. My contractor ruined our "travertine" floors. Our contractor used the wrong grout and my pale colored stone floors looked dirty. Eugene to the rescue! Eugene scrubbed, polished and regrouted the bathroom stone floor and it looks just the way it was meant to. Eugene told us that the stone was really limestone. He was quiet and went straight to work. I found him to be very respectful. He saw we had new flooring in the house and took off his shoes. Class act. We highly recommend Eugene. Now my family can finally move into our first home.

    Allison M Avatar
    Allison M.
    5 star rating

    Eugene absolutely saved the day for us, and we are so grateful. With only 3 days left to move out of our BK apt, our movers cracked a priceless family heirloom marble dresser top. We were devastated! A friend of mine who does object restoration for museums gave me ABC's website, and Eugene spent a day communicating with me, and came, to our home (in a mask) the very next day and restored our marble on location and in our tight time frame. When he was finished, it was stunning, and we are beyond grateful to him. I hope I never need his services again, but I strongly recommend him to others. At the end, he even helped us correctly package the marble for our move so we didn't need to have the movers risk harming the marble again. We are so grateful to him!

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