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The use of Brown Marble for Kitchen Countertops

In most, marble is not recommended as a material for kitchen countertops. But brown marble is less prone to color stains, stains are almost invisible on it, due to the color of the stone, in contrast to white and beige colors. Brown marble is suitable for kitchen and bathroom countertops, window sills and bar shelves, steps, fireplaces, and other stone products.

Classical Spanish marbles are the Imperador Gold and the Emperador Dark. All “Emperadors” vary in quality from Standard (medium) to De Luxe (selected). It is not possible to determine the quality of brown marble from a photo, in the Standard category there are many caverns and epoxy resin filling is almost always present. In the De Luxe category, this marble is much cleaner, has fewer calcite veins and the texture as a whole is more uniform.

The Pakistani Black and Gold marble should not be confused with the Italian Nero Portoro, the latter is more black than brown and significantly more expensive due to the difficulty of mining – they mine Nero Portoro from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Black and Gold are more common, also different in quality, and are similar to the marble of Michelangelo or Port Laurent.

One of the most expensive Magic Brown (Eramosa Marble) – a very dense Canadian brown marble. All the beauty of this stone is manifested in the cutting of blocks “against veins”. The beauty of this stone is unique, it is imported mainly from Italy and China. Gray-brown marble is less in demand.

Light-Brown marble Emperador Light has many varieties and is very different from batch to batch. Because of this, Emperor Light is undesirable to choose from the samples. It is mainly brought from Turkey, but in Spain, there is brown marble which is very similar. The price of Spanish is higher than the cost of Turkish, but the stone itself is more beautiful, and the quality is better.

Indian Rainforest Brown marble whose texture is unique and very different in the quality of polishing. The middle name of this stone is Bidasar Brown. All Bidasars are difficult to polish on core machines in workshops. The only negative is fading from exposure to sunlight. In about five years, Bidasar Brown will fade in the sun, and the original brightness will go away. You can use this stone in the decoration of a wooden house, where fading will give the overall look a certain charm. Basically, this brown marble is sold with a polished finish and with an antique texture.

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