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Proper Seam Repairs On Granite Countertops

Since the late 1990s, granite has surged in popularity as the premier choice for luxurious countertop installations in homes. Its appeal lies in exceptional durability and aesthetic charm, making it a preferred alternative to laminate and Corian surfaces. This widespread adoption spurred the growth of numerous granite fabrication shops and local stone suppliers, ranging from large-scale facilities to small garage-based operations.

However, the accessibility of granite also led to issues. Rapid growth often sacrificed quality and adherence to safety standards. Many installations were hurried, using subpar materials and techniques, resulting in premature wear and tear. One of the most common problems encountered with poorly executed installations is seam separation, where the adhesive joining two granite segments fails over time.

When homeowners face such issues, they often discover that the original fabricator is no longer in business or unwilling to assist once warranties expire. This is where ABC Stone Inc. specializing in granite seams repair step in.

Here’s how we achieve seamless repairs:

  1. Firstly, we remove old epoxy and clean the granite edges thoroughly. This preparation is crucial to ensure a solid foundation for the repair.
  2. Next, we level the countertops using shims to achieve a perfectly even surface from back to front. This step is essential for maintaining structural integrity and aesthetic continuity.
  3. We then pour colored flowing epoxy to the seam joints, ensuring it flows completely throughout the slab’s body. Removing excess adhesive, preparing the surface for the crucial next steps.
  4. To achieve a flawless finish, we employ diamond grinding pads to level and smooth the seam, ensuring a seamless transition between countertop sections. This process is critical for tactile and visual consistency.
  5. Following grinding, multiple stages of diamond honing and polishing are employed, gradually refining the surface to restore its original luster and color depth.
  6. The final phase involves wet or dry buffing to generate friction, which brings out the countertop’s original shine and color.

This process not only repairs the seam but enhances the entire countertop, transforming it into a feature that homeowners can once again take pride in.

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