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Two Main Reasons for Marble Steps Replacement in a Building

1. A crack or step with a large chip, has to be replaced as fast as possible. It’s become very dangerous to have such a piece. Tenants can get a serious injury as usually it’s weak and loose. Urgently after a damage detection, a warning sign or caution yellow tape should be placed above the step. Since it’s a property owner’s responsibility to maintain and take care of building facilities, he should be informed immediately.

2. Worn-out steps – steps that lose their shape and thickness. Such steps cannot be restored in full and can be improved or replaced only. A goal of such replacement is the improvement of appearance.

Two Main Steps Locations in a Building

Marble steps in the foyer or lobby. Such steps are most exposed to traffic and will be faster worn out by daily wear and tear. There are also more chances to be cracked or chipped.

Staircases or threads marble steps. They are getting less traffic but often can be broken. In most cases, it happens while moving when movers hit a heavy object such as furniture to a step or its edge. Often it can be cracked or chipped by contractors who carry their tools or materials to an apartment or for example roof.

How We Are Doing Step Replacement

1. First we’ll review a step and determine a kind of stone

2. Take a measurement or make a template if needed

3. Place a fabrication order in a stone shop

4. Pick up and delivery

5. Demolition. To remove the old marble we use tools such as a cutter, hammer, and chisel. To avoid other damages it should be done with extra care as it is surrounded with marble. Old marble steps will be crushed into small pieces and trashed.

6. Installation. Depending on the place we can set a step with cement, thin-set, epoxy, or caulk. A step can be cut and shaped to exactly fit the place. In most cases, it’s ready to step on in one hour and work completed in one day. The least traffic time is always preferable.

Outdoor steps are usually made from granite or granite blocks and more often should be cleaned or restored than replaced.

Old Step New Step
Old Marble Step Removal New Marble Step Installed

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