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Knoll 47″ Arabescato Marble Restoration

Hello there,
I was recently thrilled to find a 47″ Knoll on Craigslist for a great price, however the sealant on the top is a bit scratched up and yellowed in places, and there are several sizable chips along the edge. I was wondering how much it would cost to restore the table top including the chipped edge? Thank you.

2 responses to “Knoll 47″ Arabescato Marble Restoration”

  1. Eugene A says:

    Hello, there are typically 3 options:

    1. Peeled, popped or chipped areas patching with clear epoxy, for the price we need to know how many affected areas should be fixed, its size and a few pictures of the table. Scratches can be removed by polishing if deepness of scratches will allow.
    Disadvantages of this repair are what the patches can be visible when you look at table reflection from different angles. Since the coat is old and it can continue yellowing due to UV rays direct contact. In some cases this option is not possible due to kind of epoxy they used to coat the table.

    2. Entire coat removing and surface restoration to uncoated/natural marble shine finish. If table located in areas we are serving the price can be around $800. A disadvantage of this repair is there are possible pits/chips on marble surface under the coat; Knoll made it on purpose of better epoxy adhesion to marble. But it is solvable.

    3. Entire coat removing and re coating.
    Disadvantage of this repair is what the new coat sometime can appear little imperfect with some unevenness, waves or air bubbles. Price can be something around $1500.

    The table can be fixed on premises with minimum mess and dust. Also we can pick up it and deliver (is not included in the prices) or you can find reliable/insured moving company to ship it and pick up from us, zip 11235.

    Although the laminate finish still popular today, it has its own drawbacks, I would recommend the second option since most people have pure and uncoated marble with fewer issues.

  2. Barbara Rausch says:

    Does anybody refinish and remove epoxy from a Knoll table in Washington, D.C.?


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