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In Home or Remote Estimate?

Depending of a project we can offer 2 kinds of no-obligation estimates.

One of them is “In Home Estimate“, it’s reviewing the work on site. To schedule an appointment you’ll need contact us then we will give you a free days we are available to choose from, usually we are available on next day or in a few days. After visiting we’ll provide you with price right on the site or will email you a proposal on the same or next day.

The second one is “Remote Estimate“, it’s when you remotely send us project details via email. Since many requests are very typical and viewing on site often is not necessary. It’s most convenient and fastest way.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right one :

In Home Estimate Remote Estimate
1. It is free if you live within Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx. For other areas an additional travel fees may be charged. 1. If you live within Staten Island, New Jersey, Long Island or others and willing to ship your item.
2. If you would like to show us some specific details on site or speak in person. 2. If you want the fastest and most convenient estimate.
3. If you don’t know how to make a good/clear picture and email it to us. 3. If you have a small or typical damage. Such as chip, stain, etch, scratch etc.
4. If you are not sure what kind of stone you have. 4. If you aware what exactly should be done, and there are not other options.
5. If you are not sure what kind of issue is it on the marble. 5. If you are just looking for average price, and not planning to order it in near feature.
6. Due complexity of the repair we are not able remotely determine the work scope and on site review is required. 6. If you temporarily have not access to premises or you out of the city.
7. If the remote estimate wasn’t enough and we still cannot clarify the entire picture. 7. In most cases for remote estimate we’ll need some pictures and more details such as kind of damage, material, dimensions, zip and any other helpful information.

These tips is just for consideration, each project will be reviewed individually to choose the optimal estimate.

For an inquiry please use the contact form or email us to info(at)

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