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Three Main Marble Care Procedures

Natural marble care can be divided into three basic procedures –  daily maintenance, cleaning and protecting.

Daily maintenance. As a daily routine for floors made of natural stone, especially marble, dry cleaning is recommended. The floor should be carefully swept, it will clean the surface from sand and other abrasive particles. If the surface is polished, the brush should be dry and soft, if unpolished – you may take a harder brush. It is very effective at this stage to use a high-quality vacuum cleaner (with a soft brush, without worn-out or metal parts, so it will not scratch the floor).

Cleaning. It is recommended to wash the stone floor with a separate mop, not more often 1-2 times a week (before wet cleaning the floor should be swept thoroughly or vacuumed). It is not recommended to use powder detergents, unintended solutions or regular soap as stone cleaners: after such treatment, a whitish film on the stone surface is practically guaranteed. For stone cleaning, there are special liquids with a neutral pH. With regular cleaning, simply clean floor with clean water and low concentration stone detergent. In case of significant contamination, it is necessary to use these stone detergents in a stronger concentration. There are cases when a stone is very dirty  (for example, after construction works completion). Here is a neutral cleaner that will not help, so you’ll have to use alkaline cleaners that have a strong degreasing effect. Acidic cleaners are used for granite.

Protecting. To ensure that stone is lasting for a long time and looked attractive, it must be protected from mechanical and chemical influences, from water, dirt, etc. Usually, protective preparations (like sealing) will help to protect the stone floor immediately from many troubles: from paint, oil, grease, tar, mold, moisture, etc. penetration into the pores. They do not change stone color, do not form a film, and when used correctly, leave no traces. For colored granite and marble, there are special color enhancer sealers with color revitalizing effect. The stone color after application of these sealers becomes deeper and more saturated.

From mechanical scratches will help doormats, daily care, and periodic polishing.

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