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About Us

ABC Stone Inc. is professional stone restoration company based in Brooklyn, New York. We are stone care professionals specializing in natural and artificial stones restoration in many applications such as floors, walls, tabletops, countertops, showers, fireplaces, etc.

When performing restoration, we only use methods that have been proven absolutely safe and effective on the multitude of stones currently available. Our knowledge in these practices stems from the extensive experience we have accumulated through our work as well as experience shared by countless generations of crafts men all over the world.

Since we only believe in performing the highest quality work possible, we fare poorly in large scale bidding wars. Despite the enticing perspective of higher profits, we are dedicated to excellence and refuses to implement the so-called “quick & easy” methods of big business.


Americans have long embraced natural stones: marble, granite, limestone etc. Their overwhelming choice is marble, which is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. With the technological advances in quarrying and finishing natural stone, marble has become very cost competitive. In many cases, quality marble will cost less than artificial stone.

Architects and designers today are discovering countless creative applications for marble, granite and tile in the home as well as in commercial locations. These applications however are only effective when the stone properly cared for. Well-preserved stone not only enhances the beauty of your home, but also can raise a home’s value exponentially.

Your marble is a valuable investment and can be damaged by wear, exposure, improper maintenance, using wrong cleaning chemicals, scratching, staining and etching reducing the most beautiful stone products to a dull lifeless surface. Almost without exception these surfaces can be restored by us to their original beauty and shine.

Some Features

  • We do restoration and repair the stone surfaces of floors, walls, steps, bathrooms, lobbies, tabletops, countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, etc.
  • We do restoration and repair from tough granite to soft marble and many artificial stones.
  • We do restoration and repair of damaged granite, marble and other natural stone products to the natural original appearance.
  • We are able to grind, hone, polish, clean, remove stains & dull spots, chips & cracks repair to most natural stone surfaces.
  • We do restoration of a sample area and estimate for full restoration.
  • The restoration process features machinery and chemicals treatment.
  • We bring out the natural shine of your stone.
  • We guarantee the work outcome will be according the given proposition.
  • We’ll make it neat & tidy.

For Whom Our Service

  1. Apartment or House Owners
  2. Landlords or Tenants
  3. Real Estate Brokers or Agents
  4. Board Directors or Members
  5. Designers or Architects
  6. Antique Experts or Artists
  7. Property or Facility Managers
  8. General Contractors or Builders
  9. Retailers or Business Owners
  10. Others

Regardless of our expertise, we cannot do the job alone. We need help from you and wish to associate ourselves only to those who take pride in their belongings and who esteem the beauty of natural stone.

These comments you have just read stand as the core of our company. These ideals will present in our restoration activities that provide the highest possible quality of work.

Contact us today and we will provide you with analysis of wear and damage, restoring of a sample area, estimate for full restoration work.

If would you like to see something on this web site, or you just do not like something, do not hesitate to contact us and give us your feedback.

Eugene A. founder and operator of ABC Stone Inc.

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