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Questions and Answers about Estimating

Do you provide a free estimate?
Yes, for a free estimate please email us a picture/s, your zip, and other details.

Do you provide a free visit for onsite review and estimate?
Yes, we can visit you for a free onsite estimate, but first, we’ll need you to email us work details and a picture. After reviewing and determining a scope of work we either will set up an appointment or give you the price remotely. We are not providing a free onsite estimate if a project is too small, very typical or we are not interested in the project.

Do you provide a free visit for inspection, consultation, advising, or sampling?
Depending on the project’s nature, we can charge some fees.

I have 3 bathrooms approx. 45sq.ft. each, including 1 shower stall. I want to have the floors refinished and the shower floor re-grouted. About how much would that cost?
For such estimate we will have to review all works and details onsite, we’ll need your address, convenient day and time you prefer to set up an appointment.

Will I get a written estimate or just you give me a price?
If work is complex we will issue a proposal with a detailed description of works and prices. Sometimes we can offer several options at different prices.

How soon you can come to my apartment for an estimate or what is your schedule?
Before scheduling an estimate we’ll need to review project details over email. The timing will depend on our availability, usually in a few days.

How long will take onsite estimating, I will have to leave at 9:30 am?
An average estimate is taking 5-10 minutes.

We would like someone to look at our property, how to set up an estimate?
Please email us more details like your zip, what do you have, etc. A picture would be very helpful too.

I have an iPhone and I don’t know how to make and send a picture to you. How can I get an assessment?
Please send us a more detailed description of what you have and what you’d like to be done. What is the color of marble, how old is it, item dimensions, color/size of the damage, how it looks like, maybe there are some similar pictures on our website, etc.

I have some chips on marble tile in my bathroom. Please give me a number to contact to schedule an appointment.
For such an estimate, a visit is not required and we can give you a price over email, once we will receive some pictures of chips, the total amount of chips, and your zip.

Can we make an appointment to take care of my bathroom?
Before scheduling the work we’d like to make a proposal for you, once you’ll approve it then we will be able to schedule work.

How to set up an estimate to clean up my bathroom? We live in NJ. 
Please email us your zip code and some pictures of the bathroom.

We would like to get an estimate on the cost of repairing a marble fountain that dates to 1900. We are located in Vernon, NJ?
Unfortunately, we are not serving that area, but if it is not too heavy you can deliver or ship it to us, our zip 11235.

I am looking to have the tabletop restored, but don’t seem to be having any luck locating anyone who does this type of work. Do you do work in LI? Is this something you could do? If not, could you recommend someone?
Unfortunately, we are not serving LI area and don’t know anybody who could serve it. You can try to inquiry in any of your local stone fabrication shops (who do countertops fabrication), sometimes they do repairs, or at least they can offer a replacement.

I was wondering how much would be cost to restore a coffee table and do you cater to someone out of NY? I am in Florida.
Currently, we are serving Manhattan NY, Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, and Bronx NY only, but you can ship it to us. Please note, most crack works we have are from movers/shippers or their clients, we cannot be responsible for any damages that may happen during shipping to us or back.

We would like you to repair the marble on the mantel clock, would you be able to go and pick it up at your earliest convenience?
We are not providing pickup and delivery service at this time, possibly we can do the repair onsite. For an estimate please send us your zip and some pictures.

Can you issue a damage appraisal for my insurance company?
Yes, we can issue an appraisal with an estimated cost of repair, work details, options, payment terms, etc.

Can you give me a quote just per item?
Yes, we can, but to do the estimate blind we have to cover some costs that may not actually be necessary. If we can see the actual condition and picture, it will allow us to make the price more accurate.

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