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Periodic Marble Maintenance

In order to keep your marble at their original appearance and protect from staining, scratching and etching we can attend you at scheduled intervals (high or low frequency visits) to maintain and re-polish your marble areas, so you will not have to spend on full restoration year after year.

The comprehensive maintenance plan will not only restore the original luster and shine, but also protect and bond so by increasing the longevity of the surface.

The basic maintenance plan will include the buffing with diamond compound or crystallizing, this will restore surface shine.

To alter the cost we can customize the plan, for example, we can maintain high traffic areas more frequently than full area or we can do full restoration on less frequent base.

Natural Maintenance

We focuses on keeping natural surfaces natural versus of the others methods used today achieve their results by applying harsh chemicals to the surface of the stone or by applying a plastic/wax floor finish. These common techniques may give the floor a good appearance initially but within days if not hours wear can start to appear and that is when the maintenance nightmare begins.

A maintenance process that was once done semi-annually now has become a weekly or even daily task. Waxing simply coats the surface with a sacrificial film that scratches easily and “yellows” or darkens over time hiding the true beauty underneath.

This method of maintenance also creates a barrier that does not allow the stone to breathe and release moisture. As the moisture, level builds in the stone it propagates the deterioration of the stone from within. This leads to premature failure of the floor.

Companies and homeowners invest thousands upon thousands of dollars installing beautiful stone surfaces and many do so armed with the misinformation that this will be a “maintenance free” surface. Unfortunately, they become very disappointed to find that it does require maintenance and many times, they feel helpless and grow disappointed with their investment.

We restore marble surface to its natural beauty and protect the stone with the sealer that is required for a long lasting surface. We also believe it is imperative to keep the surface sealed. We use a penetrating sealer that does not change the natural appearance of the surface.

Since the maintenance is not free, we offer ongoing maintenance tips and advice to prevent the high cost of restoration and keep the surface beautiful.

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