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About Marble Restoration and its Features

Marble restoration in most cases is a time consuming process, and involves using of special equipment, chemicals, sanding and polishing materials along diamond abrasives.

Depending on mineral compositions of natural stone and physical properties the restoration process can be significantly different as well as its cost.

It’s complicated process and cannot be specified as Do-It-Yourself project. It will save your time and money to rely on an expert.

When the marble is fully restored, and achieved a proper finish, only now can be judged the true colors of natural marble, along with complex patterns and veining.

Marble repair in most cases will return marble’s initial condition and can be only one solution for various damages happened during daily usage or accidental damages.

Most Common Marble Damages

Etches or dull spots. It’s important to remember what a marble can be easy damaged by any acidic substances such as sour fruits, general cleaners, wine, juice, vinegar etc.

Solution: In case you spill such acid liquid, then you have to wipe it off and wash with amount of water or neutral marble cleaner. If marble etching is already happened on surface it can be removed by polishing and buffing.

Marble Scratching. A scratches happened by dragging or pulling any hard objects on surface. On kitchen counter top it can be kitchenware, on floor it can be furniture and sand.

Solution: Slight scratches can be removed by polishing and buffing, but for deep scratches will require grinding prior polishing and buffing. By the other words, we’ll remove top layer of marble and then resurface it to gloss finish.

Marble Chipping. Chips often occur when a marble was knocked by heavy object. Also chipping can happen with marble erosion, when a marble has crystal structure, crystals can be just exposed.

Solution: If from marble split a piece, it’s best to save it and stick back. Then you’ll need re polish around this part. If a chipped piece was missed, there is possibility to imitate it by pre colored epoxy. Epoxy is well polished, and chip can be invisible.

Cracked marble. Marble can be easy cracked when it was improperly installed. For kitchen countertop it may be weak support from bottom side, for marble tiles it can be hollow space under tile. Also cracks often happened during transportation.

Solution: Crack in marble can be restored with two components epoxy glue. Epoxy will be premixed with pigments to match existent colors and patterns and in most cases will be unnoticeable. And only a person who knew the crack location prior repair can find a place of work.

Stone Care

Items made from natural stone are required special attention and care. Otherwise they will lose shine and depending of application it can begin deterioration and lose the most of its value.

Special attention should be paid to marble located in aggressive environment – it’s our kitchens, bathrooms and halls. At first it refers to counter tops and tabletops. Acid, alkaline, detergents, food and drinks are able significantly destroy a shined surface.

Many people think what a marble a very hard material, but products made from marble regardless of hardness has tend to lose its value.

ABC Stone Inc offering for your attention natural and man-made stones restoration. Services provided by our company such as polishing, sealing, cleaning performed only with modern equipment and chemicals. Prices for such services are not too high and can be afforded by wide public.

There are restoration options for severely damaged marble, which lost most of its value and characteristics, such works more expensive and time consuming.

We are able to renew a counter top, floor, fireplace, bathroom, steps or almost any item made form marble. We can offer to fix just one problem, for example one chip or few scratches without a full marble restoration.

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