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Water Erosion in Marble

Erosion refers to the gradual wearing away of stone by forces such as water, chemicals, wind, ice, or gravity. When it comes to marble, erosion can occur due to several factors, including water, acidic substances, physical abrasion, and weathering over time. It may appear in showers, tub tops, countertops, floors, outdoor panels, and other applications where a stone can frequently come into contact with water (dampness), chemicals, frequent temperature changes, or other harsh environmental factors.

Erosion of marble can happen in various ways. Water can seep into microscopic pores and cracks in the marble, causing it to weaken and degrade over time. Acidic substances like certain cleaners or environmental pollutants can also react with the calcium carbonate in marble, leading to surface crumbling and deterioration.

What can be done to prevent marble erosion in a shower?

To prevent erosion in the shower, it’s essential to take proactive measures. This includes regularly using a rubber squeegee stick to remove water drops from a tile surface to prevent absorption into the marble. Keeping shower doors open so the tiles can dry faster by air circulation in the shower.

If erosion has already occurred, several methods can be used to repair marble depending on the depth of the erosion:

  1. Filling and Patching: For deeper fissures, a combination of epoxy resins or polyester mastics can be used to fill in the gaps and restore structural integrity (in some cases such patches may not last due to dampness).
  2. Deep grinding and polishing can eliminate erosion, but it’s suitable mostly for superficial erosions. The deep grinding can eliminate the erosions completely, but it may make the newly ground surface curved and uneven.
  3. In severe cases where large sections of marble have deeply eroded, replacement of the entire piece may be necessary. This typically involves the demolition of the damaged piece, making a template, ordering a new piece, and installation.

By understanding the causes of water erosion and taking proactive measures, you can help preserve the integrity of marble surfaces for years to come.

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For significant water erosion, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a professional marble restoration specialist. These professionals have the expertise, tools, and materials necessary to assess the extent of the damage and perform the appropriate restoration procedures.

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