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Is Your Undermount Sink Falling Down?

Sink installing and re-attaching service.

To reattach an undermount kitchen sink seamlessly, we follow all or some of these steps:

1. Preparation: Begin by turning off the water supply to the sink to ensure safety during the process.

2. Disconnect Plumbing: Utilize a wrench to disconnect plumbing connections, followed by unscrewing any remaining connections by hand.

3. Remove Sink: Disconnect sink clips with a screwdriver and carefully remove the sink from the granite countertop.

4. Clean Surfaces: Use a putty knife to scrape off any residual caulking from both the sink and the underside of the granite countertop.

5. Mount Sink: Insert undercounter-mount sink clips into existing holes (or drill new holes) in the granite and loosely screw screws into brass threaded insets (nuts).

6. Apply Caulking: Use a caulking gun to apply a bead of silicone caulking around the rim of the sink.

7. Reposition Sink: Place the sink back into the cut out in the granite, ensuring proper alignment. Use a string wrapped through the drain strainer to assist in pulling it up into place.

8. Secure Sink: Have another person underneath the countertop to tighten screws into the granite and place clips under the rim of the sink. Place wood braces under the sink for added support.

9. Final Touches: Run a finger along the rim of the sink to smooth out caulking, adding more as necessary.

10. Reconnect and Test: Reconnect pipes and turn the water back on. Allow 24 hours for the caulking to set before removing wood braces or using the sink again.

Following these steps diligently ensures a secure and professionally reattached undermount kitchen sink.

How to Address a Loose Undermount Sink on Your Granite Countertop

If your undermount sink is becoming loose from your granite or marble countertop, swift action is crucial to prevent exacerbating the issue. Begin by assessing the situation; minor looseness may allow for a DIY fix, while significant detachment warrants professional assistance.

Immediate support is essential to prevent further damage. Use temporary measures like wooden blocks or old books to prop up the sink until it can be properly secured.

Check the mounting clips that typically secure undermount sinks. Tighten or replace any loose or damaged clips to ensure proper support.

Reattaching the sink involves thorough cleaning, removal of old adhesive, and applying new adhesive as per manufacturer guidelines.

For those unsure or uncomfortable with DIY repairs, or in the case of extensive damage, seeking professional help is advisable.

Once reattached, take precautions to prevent future issues. Avoid placing excessive weight on the sink and handle it gently to avoid strain on the mounting clips.

Prompt attention to a loose undermount sink can safeguard your countertop and ensure the durability of your sink installation in the long term.

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