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Color Stains Removal Service

Stains occur when a colored liquid absorbs into the stone body, into micropores below the surface and cannot be cleaned by any cleaner or wipe-off method. The stain is inside the stone, so surface cleaning or wiping will not work.

In many cases, we are able to remove or significantly reduce stains within a few hours without the time consuming poulticing. The key to success here is how long ago,  how deep and by what the stone was stained. The newer stains could be much easier to remove than older.

If the stains are too deep and tough, we can remove them by a process known as poulticing. The appropriate poultice for the stain will be prepared and placed on the stain and allowed to dry. As it dries it will pick the stain up from pores of the stone.

If the poultice doesn’t work, we can remove affected top layer of stone by grinding the surface down to a fresh layer of stone and then polishing to original finish.

Some stains can penetrate complete through a stone body,  so grinding will not able to remove a stain completely, in this case, the multi poulticing or both approaches can be used.

Before beginning of removing the stains, we should determine where the stain came from, it can be adhesives, alkaline, beer, bleach, blood, urine, candy, chocolate, egg, oils, grease, gum, water stains, ice cream, ink, juice, liquor, lotion, make up, mold, grout, nail polish, paints, perfume, soap film, sauce, syrup, wax coatings, wines and others.

In the some cases the stone can change its color and chemical composition due to heat, UV rays, oxidizing, aging, mechanical impact or some sorts of chemical reactions. We cannot classify it as stains and will not be able to remove it completely.

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