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Bathroom Restoration

Bathroom Tiles Refinishing. After

Restored shine finish on bathroom travertine marble floor. more...

Tarnished Bathroom Floor During Restoration

Bathroom marble floor tiled with 12″ by 12″ brownish tiles with white veins. Messed up with pre-restoration activities. more...

Dark Emperador Bathroom Tiles after Polishing

Dark Emperador Bathroom Tiles Polishing

To achieve the ideal floor, it is necessary to grind it with subsequent polishing. This type of work will give your floor a qualitatively different appearance, not only from aesthetic but also from a practical point of more...

Crumbling Potholes on Limestone Bathtub. Deteriorations Patching

The Orion condominium at 350 west 42nd street The marble was crumbled and deteriorated in some areas to sand-like condition. It’s happened due to the nature of this kind of limestone and continuous contact more...

Minerals BuildUp Efflorescence on Shower Floor

Salt / calcium / minerals / lime buildups in shower floor removal, polishing, cleaning and sealing. Grout lines were cleaned and surface restored. more...

Soiled Floor in Bathroom Old Grout Removed

This picture shows stains on Botticino tiles in the bathroom before leaching, cleaning, honing and re-grouting. Grime grout lines were scrubbed out to be ready for new grout apply. Dirty grout before re-grouting. more...

Serpentine Black Marble Bathroom Floor

Serpentine Black Marble Bathroom Floor

A marble floor suffers from women heel pins, furniture legs, sand, which falls from shoe soles. And if a heavy object falls on the marble, it is possible to form a chip or pothole. All these consequences can be removed more...

Between Toilet and Marble Floor after Re Siliconing

Toilet And Marble Re Caulking

Clean the sides of the toilet base from traces of dirt, old grout or caulk. After this, carefully dry them with torch or fan, as well as the adjacent floor. The further processed joint must be degreased with acetone or more...

Limestone Bathtub Ledge after Erosion Removal

The bathtub top was re polished, erosion removed, re caulked and sealed. Some deep holes/erosions on surface were cleaned and patched by epoxy. more...

Water Erosion on Dingy Limestone Bathtub Ledge

The Orion condominium at 350 west 42nd street This lip all around the tub was affected by erosive wear, which happened after constant and continuous contact with water during normal use. more...

Botticino Marble Bathroom on Loosen Beams

The Botticino marble bathroom floor in a private house was installed either on loosen WonderBoard or loosen floor beams what eventually lead to offshoot crevices along with the moving parts of the base. more...

Long Crack on Botticino Bathtub Top

This crack is a result of moisture absorbed into the marble, rusting and expanding in volume metal rod. Was fixed with 2 component flowing super adhesive “Cremabond” and colored by Akemi coloring more...

Dull White Marble Floor in the Bathroom

The picture shows the tiled marble floor in the bathroom before restoration. Shabby tiles and door saddle shows many signs of wear, scratches, uneven reflections, dull tiles, etc. more...

Pre Honing Floor (Eggshell Finish)

Pre Honing Floor

The grinding process (make hone finish) is part of a floor polishing process, it can also be the stand-alone process in order to make the floor leveling, to get rid of superficial cracks, scratches, and dull spots. The more...

Corroded Erosions on Marble. Patching with Epoxy

Crumbling and erosions were drilled out with the rotary tool, cleaned from dust by acetone, and filled with colored flowing “Tenax Crystaliquid” mastic. Then sanded and polished. more...

Tranished Small Bathroom. Unpolished Marble Floor

Small bathroom tiled floor. Marble bathroom restoration service. Before polishing. more...

Honed Botticino Tiles in Bathroom

The picture shows botticino tiles in the bathroom. These tiles were honed, re-grouted, residue removed, and then sealed by impregnator stone sealer. Re-honing was done by a single head 17” floor machine with diamond more...

Marble Bathroom Restoration Service

Have a Dull Marble in Your Bathroom? We are providing marble restoration services for the entire bathroom include showers, floors, countertops, vanities, and other parts. Restoration processes can include polishing, more...

Shabby Dark Emperador on Bathroom Tiles

Dark Emperador Worn Dull Bathroom Tiles

Marble floors in bathrooms are constantly exposed to household chemicals, are used in high humidity condition and temperature changes. All this is gradually absorbed into the surface layer through micro-pores and more...

Pietra Brown Bathroom Tiles Worn Out & Dull Finish

Brown Bathroom Floor Worn Finish

There are not solutions that can truly prevent the soft marble from discoloration unless you cover the traffic areas with rugs, clean and sweep rugs and marble properly and often. more...

Haze Dull Marble Bathroom Floor

Brownish Yellow Beige No Shine Bathroom Floor

It is absolutely counter-indicative to apply for marble cleaning general household cleaners: a washing powder, cleaning powders or cleaners like Ajax, Bleach, Windex or similar. The substances contained in them can more...

Fogging Discoloration on Black Serpentine in Bathroom

Fogging Dull Serpentine Black Marble Bathroom

Loss of marble shine and color richness can begin to bother after a surface long using or with constant mechanical friction. In order to solve it, we can perform polishing and refinishing marble, and thanks to this more...

Discoloration on Dull Multicolor Bathroom Floor

Multicolor Bathroom Floor

In the process of housekeeping exploitation, marble surfaces are subjected to mechanical, chemical, climatic and other effects. Marble loses its original shine and color. Modern technology allows you to return the more...

Revived Glossy Finish on Re Grouted Bathroom Floor

Brownish Yellow Beige Shined Re Grouted Bathroom Floor

If you have a marble floor in bathroom, do not walk on it in outdoor shoes. Like or dislike you walk barefoot or in soft slippers with soft sole, this is the most reliable way to keep marble intact. The thing is, that more...

Bathroom Floor Luster Revived Slabs Buffing

Bathroom Floor Luster Slabs

If you want the marble to glisten and look even, several numbers of abrasives should be used. The polishing process can be divided into three stages: coarse grinding, ordinary grinding and finishing – each time you more...

Revived Multicolor Bathroom Floor Buffing

Multicolor Bathroom Floor Buffing

At the beginning of the process, the delicate surface grinding in 4 passes was made, during what physical defects were removed, the surface was perfectly leveled. After that, we polished the floor and returned its more...

Polished Bathroom Floor

Polished Bathroom Floor

Restorative marble steps such as grinding and polishing are carried out by thin abrasives with various granularity. After this procedure bathroom floor will become smooth and shiny. more...

Gray Marble Tiles on Floor Restoration

Tiled floor in bathroom after restoration. Rectangle gray tiles were re finished and sealed. Marble is possible Athens Grey. more...

Rectangular Tiles on Bathroom Floor before Restoration

Gray rectangle tiles in bathroom. Marble floor restoration. Image before polishing more...

Etched by Cleaner Marble Bathroom Floor

The floor was etched by wrong cleaner. Entire floor was polished, buffed and sealed. The bathroom vanity was damaged as well. more...

Polished Botticino Bathroom Floor

Botticino Polished Bathroom Floor

The most effective marble sanding is made using diamond pads (flexible type). The diamond pads on one side is attached to rotary machine, and on other side it contains diamond grains. To get rid of rough scratches and more...

Brownish Polished Tiles on Bathroom Floor

General polishing and buffing. Bathroom floor restoration. more...

Shine Finish on Carrara Bathroom Floor

White Carrara Bathroom Floor. Tiles were polished to shine and sealed. more...

Honed White Carrara Bathroom Floor

Matt/hone finish before shining. more...

Salt Deposits on Marble and Grout upon Removal

Calcium and mineral deposits in marble shower was removed, surface refinished, cleaned and sealed. more...

Botticino Bathroom Dull Floor before Restoration

Botticino Marble Foggy Dull Floor

To get rid of dull areas and scratches on surface, a grinding machine with grinding discs should be used. Grinding is performed using a special abrasives, different for each type of stone, taking into account more...

Bathroom Floor Slabs with Misty Finish

Bathroom Floor Slabs Blur Finish

Picture of marble bathroom floor with misty and slightly worn finish. To maintain the glossy finish the refinishing and buffing were performed. more...

Toilet Old Grout Removal & Siliconing

Toilet Old Grout Removal Caulking

7 silicone basic advantages and features. Good water resistance – high quality silicone absolutely impervious to water. High degree of elasticity – due to the silicone elasticity, it can be used for more...

Pietra Brown Bathroom Floor Buffed Finish

Brown Bathroom Floor Shined Up Finish

After carrying out a complex restoration and repairs on marble floor, we have achieved a stable, clear reflection on marble. more...

Bathroom Marble Tiled Floor

This picture shows tiled bathroom marble floor after polishing, buffing & sealing (stain proofing). Owner prefers keep grout lines in initial dark color. more...

Botticino Marble Bathroom Fixed and Polished

We used the flowing/liquid colored epoxy to fill up the cracks as deep as possible, then smoothed and polished. More likely it’s temporary solution and the cracks repair may not last long, as the cause of the more...

Fixed Crack. Botticino Bathtub Top

Botticino tub top after crack repair. The crack was filled with liquid colored epoxy,  sanded with sandpaper to remove epoxy excess, polished and then buffed. more...

Marble Bathroom Floor. Etching Removal

All etchings were removed from marble by polishing and buffing and then sealed. more...

Polished Marble Floor

Small bathroom. Tiled floor restoration. Picture after polishing. more...

Bathroom Floor Tiles Before Refinishing

Gloss finish was worn out by daily traffic in bathroom. Beige bathroom square floor tiles before refinishing. more...

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  • Reviews:

    Lynn W. Avatar
    Lynn W.
    5 star rating

    Eugene blew us away with how fantastic our bathroom turned out. We recently moved into an apartment and were disappointed by how poorly the marble stone was kept. A friend recommended Eugene, he was very responsive and professional. You can tell he takes pride in his work. He spent two full days polishing, cleaning, caulking and grouting the entire bathroom and it looks like new. Before he left we asked for a proposal for the kitchen! I highly recommend him and would use him for every stone job we have moving forward.
    He is simply the best.

    Elle S. Avatar
    Elle S.
    5 star rating

    The first, I was impressed with how fast they got back to me after asking for a quote. Eugene was professional, fast, and keep his promises. He communicates well and it was very easy to work with him, and I was very pleased. It is very important to me that people who I work with is professional and trustworthy. I can see a long-term relationship with them and am very happy to find them. By the way I found them by looking for an answer on Houzz for my question about my furniture.

    Leonard K. Avatar
    Leonard K.
    5 star rating

    Eugene did right by us! Lowest estimate of several I received, but no corners cut. Very patient answering all my questions by email, super professional and respectful in my apartment, including thorough cleanup, and my counters look great!

    Shaun S Avatar
    Shaun S
    5 star rating

    Eugene was great. My contractor ruined our "travertine" floors. Our contractor used the wrong grout and my pale colored stone floors looked dirty. Eugene to the rescue! Eugene scrubbed, polished and regrouted the bathroom stone floor and it looks just the way it was meant to. Eugene told us that the stone was really limestone. He was quiet and went straight to work. I found him to be very respectful. He saw we had new flooring in the house and took off his shoes. Class act. We highly recommend Eugene. Now my family can finally move into our first home.

    Allison M Avatar
    Allison M.
    5 star rating

    Eugene absolutely saved the day for us, and we are so grateful. With only 3 days left to move out of our BK apt, our movers cracked a priceless family heirloom marble dresser top. We were devastated! A friend of mine who does object restoration for museums gave me ABC's website, and Eugene spent a day communicating with me, and came, to our home (in a mask) the very next day and restored our marble on location and in our tight time frame. When he was finished, it was stunning, and we are beyond grateful to him. I hope I never need his services again, but I strongly recommend him to others. At the end, he even helped us correctly package the marble for our move so we didn't need to have the movers risk harming the marble again. We are so grateful to him!

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