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Floor Restoration

Shower Threshold Replacement

The picture shows the marble shower and saddle parts before repair. The shower had mold on the floor and soiled grout. Removed old shower saddle for replacement. The old shower threshold was removed and the new pieces more...

Salts Buildup – Mold – Efflorescence Removal

The shower floor restoration was started by polishing with a coarse diamond pad, the buildup is hard enough and the fine diamond pads are not able effectively to remove it. Also, when grinding with coarse pads, the top more...

Marble or Terrazzo Crystallization

A marble floor in any public place looks spectacular and attractive, but it needs special care. Over time a marble surface loses an aesthetic appearance and dims. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly use the marble more...

Shower Threshold Just Installed

The picture shows marble walls and a mosaic shower floor. The floor was re-grouted and sealed and a new saddle was installed. more...

Messed up Mosaic Shower Floor before Restoration

If water comes out from underneath the marble shower floor, that is a more serious issue as it has soaked throughout tiles or seams from the bottom to the surface, leaving salt deposits and other compounds on the more...

Stained Shower Tiles and Grout

This shower was stained due to its age and probably some brownish iron oxidations have occurred there. Wonderfully there was not a mold, just color stains caused mostly by soaking soapy water into the tiles. more...

Shabby Lackluster Lobby Floor in Brooklyn NY

How do you keep the sheen lasting? Marble floors are beautiful, but they take a lot of beatings each day, especially from busy office complexes. The lustier from a marble floor will only last as long as it is more...

UbaTuba Granite Polished Floor in Lobby

The price for the granite floor restoration depends on a lot of circumstances. It matters both age and granite color. A big role is played by granite quality. Granite floor grinding is not performed on those surfaces more...

Polished Granite Floor in Restaurant

Modern technologies allow minimizing the impact on the granite surface during its polishing. Since a certain layer of stone is removed from each polishing process, the stone eventually becomes depleted and will have to more...

Granite Floor before Restoration in Restaurant Petrossian NYC

This picture shows a tiled granite floor before restoration in Petrossian restaurant on 182 W 58th St, New York, NY. Floor located at high traffic dining area in a busy restaurant. Granite floor had an uneven matt more...

Brownish Polished Tiles on Bathroom Floor

General polishing and buffing. Bathroom floor restoration. more...

Marble Floor Restoration in Building Lobby

Marble floors are an appealing and beautiful addition to any establishment. The shiny and smooth nature of the marble makes every floor adorning it, to be a work of art. Care needs to be taken, to keep the floor more...

Marble Floor. Black and White Tiles

This picture shows marble floor after full restoration. This tiled marble floor was grinded, polished, buffed and then sealed by impregnator stone sealer. After removing first layer of stone white tiles became lighter. more...

Lobby Floor Restoration. After

The very first thing any person new to a building will look at, even without knowing it, is where to place their foot. Having polished marble on your floor starting at lobby will all your visitors appreciate the care more...

Polished Marble Floor

Small bathroom. Tiled floor restoration. Picture after polishing. more...

Etched Spots and Spill Marks Removed

Etched spot was removed along with entire floor restoration and polishing. more...

Shower Floor Cleaned and Sealed

Mosaic shower floor restoration. Image after.   more...

Rectangular Tiles on Bathroom Floor before Restoration

Gray rectangle tiles in bathroom. Marble floor restoration. Image before polishing more...

Gray Marble Tiles on Floor Restoration

Tiled floor in bathroom after restoration. Rectangle gray tiles were re finished and sealed. Marble is possible Athens Grey. more...

Marble Floor Restoration Service

4 Steps of Marble Floor Restoration Marble floor restoration procedure typically takes 4 steps: 1st step is grinding. It’s the most powerful and dynamic step, also known as lippage removal, delipping or more...

Bathroom Tiles Refinishing. After

Restored shine finish on bathroom travertine marble floor. more...

Deterioration on Dull Floor with Brushed Finish Restoration

Marble Floor with Brushed Finish. Reasons: – incorrect chemistry for regular daily cleaning; – mechanical “trowelling” of marble. Solutions: – with slight dullness – crystallization; – with strong more...

Tile and Grout Restoration

We offer valuable floor restoration expertise to an area that may be one of the toughest floor care problems experienced by businesses and homeowners alike. Anyone who has ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles is probably more...

Tranished Small Bathroom. Unpolished Marble Floor

Small bathroom tiled floor. Marble bathroom restoration service. Before polishing. more...

5 Stages of Floor Restoration. Disrepair Foyer Floor

Marble grinding and polishing is used for pitted, swelled and worn out to a depth of 1/16 to 3/16 + inches. Marble floor grinding is carried out to the majority gap’s depth, and the deepest ones are filled by more...

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