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Whitish Fogging Spots on Black Marble Tables

The appearance of whitish fogging spots on black marble tables could be due to a few possible causes:

1. Etching: Marble is a natural stone that is composed mainly of calcium carbonate, which is vulnerable to acid etching. When acidic substances, such as citrus juices, vinegar, or certain cleaning agents, come into contact with the marble surface, they can react with the calcium carbonate and create a chemical reaction that results in whitish spots or marks on the surface of the marble. These spots are often referred to as “etching” and can be quite common on marble surfaces that are frequently exposed to acidic substances.

2. Mineral Deposits: Another possible cause of whitish spots on black marble tables could be mineral deposits. Marble is formed from minerals that are naturally present in the earth’s crust, and sometimes these minerals can become concentrated in certain areas of the marble slab, resulting in whitish spots or streaks on the surface. This is more likely to occur in marble that has a higher mineral content or in areas where the water used for cleaning or maintenance has high mineral content.

3. Moisture Damage: If black marble tables are exposed to excessive moisture for prolonged periods of time, it can result in damage to the surface of the marble, including the appearance of whitish spots or streaks. This can occur, for example, if water is left standing on the marble surface or if the marble is installed in a high-humidity environment without proper ventilation.

4. Cleaning Products: The use of inappropriate or harsh cleaning products on black marble tables can also cause whitish spots or marks on the surface. Some cleaning products may contain chemicals that can react with the marble and result in discoloration or etching.

To address the issue of whitish fogging spots on black marble tables, it is important to determine the underlying cause. If the spots are due to etching, it may be necessary to have the marble professionally polished and resealed. If mineral deposits are the culprit, a poultice or a marble-safe cleaning product specifically designed to remove mineral deposits can be used. If moisture damage is the issue, addressing the source of the moisture and improving ventilation in the area may be necessary. Lastly, using appropriate, pH-neutral cleaning products specifically formulated for marble surfaces can help prevent further damage. It is always recommended to consult with a professional stone restoration expert or marble care specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment of marble surface issues.

Whitish Fogging Spots Rings Removal

Image Title: White Fogging Spots and Rings on Black Marble Table

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    Lynn W. Avatar
    Lynn W.
    5 star rating

    Eugene blew us away with how fantastic our bathroom turned out. We recently moved into an apartment and were disappointed by how poorly the marble stone was kept. A friend recommended Eugene, he was very responsive and professional. You can tell he takes pride in his work. He spent two full days polishing, cleaning, caulking and grouting the entire bathroom and it looks like new. Before he left we asked for a proposal for the kitchen! I highly recommend him and would use him for every stone job we have moving forward.
    He is simply the best.

    Elle S. Avatar
    Elle S.
    5 star rating

    The first, I was impressed with how fast they got back to me after asking for a quote. Eugene was professional, fast, and keep his promises. He communicates well and it was very easy to work with him, and I was very pleased. It is very important to me that people who I work with is professional and trustworthy. I can see a long-term relationship with them and am very happy to find them. By the way I found them by looking for an answer on Houzz for my question about my furniture.

    Leonard K. Avatar
    Leonard K.
    5 star rating

    Eugene did right by us! Lowest estimate of several I received, but no corners cut. Very patient answering all my questions by email, super professional and respectful in my apartment, including thorough cleanup, and my counters look great!

    Shaun S Avatar
    Shaun S
    5 star rating

    Eugene was great. My contractor ruined our "travertine" floors. Our contractor used the wrong grout and my pale colored stone floors looked dirty. Eugene to the rescue! Eugene scrubbed, polished and regrouted the bathroom stone floor and it looks just the way it was meant to. Eugene told us that the stone was really limestone. He was quiet and went straight to work. I found him to be very respectful. He saw we had new flooring in the house and took off his shoes. Class act. We highly recommend Eugene. Now my family can finally move into our first home.

    Allison M Avatar
    Allison M.
    5 star rating

    Eugene absolutely saved the day for us, and we are so grateful. With only 3 days left to move out of our BK apt, our movers cracked a priceless family heirloom marble dresser top. We were devastated! A friend of mine who does object restoration for museums gave me ABC's website, and Eugene spent a day communicating with me, and came, to our home (in a mask) the very next day and restored our marble on location and in our tight time frame. When he was finished, it was stunning, and we are beyond grateful to him. I hope I never need his services again, but I strongly recommend him to others. At the end, he even helped us correctly package the marble for our move so we didn't need to have the movers risk harming the marble again. We are so grateful to him!

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