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Marble Shower Restoration Service

Got a Marble in Your Shower Dirty and Dull? Marble in a shower can get damaged easily, especially if it is not well cared for. Whenever the marble shows signs of age, they are in need of restoration. This might be the more...

Marble Polishing Service

Marble polishing service is a professional service that involves the restoration and enhancement of the appearance of marble surfaces. Marble is a popular natural stone used for flooring, countertops, walls, and other more...

Marble Countertops Polishing and Restoration Service

Have Dull and Scratched Counter Tops? You spent a lot of money installing a new countertop or purchased a home with marble counters and you’d like these surfaces to be really clean and shiny? The good news is that more...

Marble Honing Service (Matte/Eggshell Finish)

Eggshell Or Matte Finish White Carrara Benchtop

If the shined surface of your marble has scratches, watermarks, and etches and it’s worn a bit, to restore it back to shine firstly it should be honed, then polished, and finally buffed to shine finish. The full more...

Marble Sealing and Stain Proofing

There is much truth in the saying, – “prevention is better than cure” – and this doesn’t just apply to one’s health, but importantly, to such applications as marble and granite more...

Marble Scratches Removal Service

Did you accidentally scratch your marble or does your old marble have thousands of micro-scratches and dull spots? Do you want to bring back the original appearance of your marble surfaces? Almost every marble surface more...

Periodic Marble Maintenance

In order to keep your marble at its original appearance and protect it from staining, scratching, and etching we can attend to you at scheduled intervals (high or low-frequency visits) to maintain and re-polish your more...

Color Stains Removal Service

Undesired stains can occur when a colored liquid absorbs into the stone body, into micropores below the surface, and cannot be cleaned by any cleaner or wipe-off method. The stain is inside the stone, so surface more...

Marble and Granite Seams or Joints Repair

Caesarstone Across Seam Repair Hiding

How the seam on stone countertops should look like? What are the right seam width and color should be when joining stone slabs? What does the seam visibility depend on? If we consider countertop fabrication from even more...

Marble Grinding Service

Travertine Table Cut Exterior Fabrication

Marble grinding is the most powerful and dynamic process and allows us to provide a variety of different finishes – deep hone, hone, semi-shine, and shine finishes. This task is typically involved in the first more...

Marble or Terrazzo Crystallization

A marble floor in any public place looks spectacular and attractive, but it needs special care. Over time a marble surface loses an aesthetic appearance and dims. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly use the marble more...

Marble Buffing Service

Marble buffing is a process used to maintain the shine and appearance of marble surfaces by removing superficial dull spots, watermarks, and micro scratches from the surface. This buffing process has to be used to more...

Other Restoration Works

We are able to provide the stone restoration, expert color matching on fills, the creation of custom-designed stone pieces for small items as well as for large which may include: Black Granite Restoration Art more...

Black Absolute/Galaxy Granite Restoration

Before & more...

Storefront & Outdoor Stone Restoration

A storefront is an important feature and essence of most commercial and historical buildings. It is also an important business advertising strategy to attract clients and increase sales. We are providing either entire more...

Marble Lobby Floors Restoration (Foyers, Hallway & Entryways)

The first things that visitors can see when walking into a building are the lobby and hallway to the staircase or elevator, it makes sense that you would wish the floors will stand out. Your building’s lobby more...

Marble Etchings and Dull Spots Removal

The undesired etching is the white/light dull spots you can find on marble surfaces, which are hard to get rid of and are very unpleasant. Such spots may be caused by acidic or alkaline liquids left on the surfaces. In more...

Marble Cracks, Splits or Breakages Restoration Service

Cracking in your table, counter or slab is often a big shock and pain too. You understand that once it’s broken, even if fixable, it will never be like new. It’s true but we can offer a solution that will more...

Stone Chips, Gouges, and Pits Repair Service

Get Rid of Marble Chips Once and For All. Marble is a quite soft and brittle material and it is not required significant force to deform it. Most damages can be in the form of cracks, chips, stains, and etches, which more...

Stone Cutting & Custom Fabrication Service

We are able to fabricate or modify an existing piece of marble or granite, according to customer specifications. The fabrication can be done: Outdoor On construction site Indoor (on-premises). The fabrication or more...

Marble Floor Restoration Service

4 Steps of Marble Floor Restoration Marble floor restoration procedure typically takes 4 steps: 1st step is grinding. It’s the most powerful and dynamic step, also known as lippage removal, delipping or more...

Tile and Grout Restoration

We offer valuable floor restoration expertise to an area that may be one of the toughest floor care problems experienced by businesses and homeowners alike. Anyone who has ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles is probably more...

Marble Cleaning Service

We can clean and restore almost any of the natural stone surfaces, remove mold and dirt embedded in grout lines and surfaces as well as everyday dirt and grime from typical foot traffic. You can wonder come back to more...

Marble Table Restoration Service

Have a Broken Marble Table Top? If you have a granite or marble tabletop that has chips, scratches, cracks, stains, etches, coating peel-offs, we can repair most of them. Our tabletop restoration features: Polishing to more...

Table Coating with Transparent Polyester Resin

It often happens that aged tables with a “glass-like” coat, like Knoll or custom marble tables, starts to peel off or show crack lines on the old coat. It may look like a completely damaged surface, but the more...

Marble Fireplace Mantels & Slabs Restoration Service

Have an Old and Dirty Marble Fireplace? It might be for you if you are: Townhouse owner The pre-war or  post-war house owner Brownstone house owner New owner Real estate broker Building board member Property more...

Marble Steps Replacement or Restoration

Due to the natural beauty of marble, the marble stairs offer luxurious and graceful climbing enhancing the beauty of not just the interiors, but the overall architecture of the building. Although there is a drawback, more...

Re-Caulking or Re-Siliconing Service

Caulk or silicone often is used for preventing water from going into joints between: • Tub and walls • Tub and floors • Countertop and backsplash • Countertop and tiled wall • Sink and countertop • Toilet more...

Is Your Undermount Sink Falling Down?

Sink installing and re-attaching service. Before & After Countertops Sinks more...

Bathroom Vanity or SinkTop Restoration

Marble vanity tops are very common in homes throughout the country. Over the years vanity tops appear typically. Marble can be easily scratched by abrasives, burned by cleansers, chipped, or cracked. Also, vanity can more...

Marble Bathroom Cleaning & Restoration Service

Have a Dull Marble in Your Bathroom? We are providing marble restoration services for the entire bathroom including showers, floors, countertops, vanities, and other parts. Restoration processes can include polishing, more...

Antique & Collectible Marble Restoration

Marble, when well cared for can last for decades, or even centuries, depending on how much it is used. When you have a genuine hundred-year-old antique marble item, you want it to look well-kept, yet retain an essence more...

3 Proven Methods to Reinforce a Stone Slab

Fiberglass mesh

Marble Tables and Slabs Reinforcement Despite the fact that natural stone is recognized as one of the strongest materials, in some cases, it still needs to be reinforced, especially when a soft stone has inclusions and more...

Tile Lippage Removal or Flattening

Poor installation technique or settling of the stone can result in an irregular and uneven surface known as lippage. Lippage is a condition where edges of the tiles or slabs are not at the same level with each other. more...

Terrazzo Restoration Service

Terrazzo Lobby Under Radiator Damage

Terrazzo is the aggregation of different marble chips in gray or tinted cement. These floors are wear-resistant and can be as artwork so they are increasingly used in design solutions for offices, buildings, and more...

Re-Grouting & Grouting

The process of re-grouting include 4 steps: 1. Remove and scrub out the old grout. For this purpose, we use a grout knife or grout saw. In some cases (for hardest lines) we use a rotary blade grinder. 2. Fill up joints more...

Tiles Replacement Service

Not Any Tile Can Be Restored but Any Can Be Replaced! For repair of hardly damaged (cracked, stained, worn-out, etc.) tiles we recommend simply replace the tiles. Replacing a marble tile separately without touching more...

Marble Walls Restoration Service

Restored marble walls are not only beautiful but practical. Marble on the walls is placed for aesthetic purposes and functionality as well. In just a few hours we’ll be able to change the entire appearance of more...

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