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Table Top Restoration

Marble Table Restoration Service

Have a Broken Marble Table Top? If you have a granite or marble tabletop that has chips, scratches, cracks, stains, etches, coating peel-offs, we can repair most of them. Our tabletop restoration features: Polishing to more...

Clear Split on Thick Dining Table

Emperador Dark Clean Split Fractured Dining Table

Often we are asked how to glue a split marble table, advice for DIY self-repairing by own hands. We are not giving harmful advises, all the recommendations found on the Internet are only advisory and is not a visual more...

Broken Rectangular Marble Table Worktop

This heavy 1 inch thick White Carrara worktop was accidentally broken into several parts. To repair we picked it up and then deliver back to the owner. The table was used by the photographer as the background of more...

Drawer Top Crack Repair and Surface Polishing

After our restoration services the piece of marble looked as if it was brand new. We added a brilliant gloss to the exterior of the stone, which helped to bring the original colors back to life and added a shine that is more...

Fixed Corner of Conference Room Table

To perfectly hide the cracks we used several colors of epoxy. It helped us better to blend and hide crack lines among other veins and patterns to unnoticeable. more...

Multi Color Square Coffee Table Top after Crack Reparation

Brown White Whole Marble Table

Hued square coffee table top slab after broken off corner repair. Various colors, patterns, and veins allowed us to hide crack lines to invisible. more...

Ruined Rectangular Glazed Dining Table

This coated with a “liquid glass” dining table split apart into 3 fragments. To strengthen the repair we used metal bars from the bottom side. Image before restoration. more...

Suffered Square Coffee Table Top before Fracture Repair

Brown White Marble Table Corner Fracture

The good news is that a broken marble slab does not mean that it has to be put down in and trashed, if the break isn’t too severe, it can be mended and used as brand new table. more...

Messed up Round Coffee Table Chap in Half

The table top wasn’t attached to its base and leg and accidentally dropped down and broken. We mounted the top to the leg with screws upon the crack restoration. more...

Ruined Italian Travertine Table Split in Half

This big travertine dining table was revitalized in the backyard without pickup and delivery. Sometimes it’s easier and safer to do reparation on-site, it is eliminating the risk to be messed up during more...

Ruined Conference Room Table. Crashed Corner

Although the table was laying on a flat plywood base, it was accidentally messed up during moving into the new office. more...

Chopped in Half Calacatta Gold Vanity

Honed Calacatta Gold vanity with an oval sink. Before renewal and the crack repair. more...

Chopped Round Travertine Table Restoration

The round dining table has been fallen and chopped onto 4 large shards and turned to salvageable condition. The good thickness and lightweight of travertine allowed us to fix it without inserting metal bars. more...

Broken to Shards Botticino Commode Top

Salvageable old fashioned commode top with Ogee edge is accidentally chopped to 3 shards. more...

Broken in Half Tulip Oval Onyx Dining Table

Although the table has a fiberglass mesh, it was split into two parts. The mesh is helping to enforce the slab in the direction toward to finished surface, but it only helps and not significantly strengthen more...

Broken off Corner on Travertine Coffee Table

The travertine is a very soft and brittle kind of marble, plus there are a lot of natural voids and holes in the body of the stone. So it makes the travertine easier to knockdown and come apart. more...

Chinked Off Side on the Laminated Dining Table

The table in the wooden crate was cracked in the middle and the big chink was broken off from one side. The clear coat was separating and delaminated along the cracks. more...

Drawer/Credenza Top with Chamfered Edge

Black marble credenza top with a white pattern and beveled edge. Broken onto 3 big chunks. more...

Fixed & Polished Drawer/Credenza Marble Top

Drawer/credenza black marble top was broken in a few parts, then fixed with 2 components epoxy and polished. more...

Drawer Marbletop Before Crack and Surface Restoration

One of the main concerns that our customers have is whether their stone is repairable after a major crack such as the one shown in this photo. The simple answer is yes, we know exactly how to treat minor and major more...

Dining Marble Table Repair and Laminating

The dining table damages were fixed first, then recoated with crystal clear epoxy resin. more...

Fixed Corner and Edges. Travertine Dining Table

Dining table disruption restoration. The image of breakage after the repair. Pre-colored epoxy (travertine filler) was used. more...

Waves and Cavity on Table Surface Removal

This new table is purchased at a discounted price. The seller instead of the replacement offers money to compensate for the restoration work. There are obvious signs or previous attempts to restore some unknown more...

Buckling Black Oval Table with Internal Crack

This buckling dining oval table had inner/hidden crack, it can be noticeable on surface reflection. Actually the table was already cracked but held by supporting plate/disc from underneath the table. more...

Rectangular Dining Table with Fixed Glaze Coat

The big rectangular dining table had a transparent polyester resin/glaze coat on it. We fixed it without recoating the entire table. First, we restore the marble cracks then the glaze coat itself. It’s all more...

Oval Tulip Onyx Dining Table Restoration

The table has a glaze clear coat on it, we fixed it without re-coating. Also, we cut channels and insert metal rods from the backside. In some cases inserting bars in onyx is not recommended as it can be more...

Ruined Botticino Table.
Broken/Crushed Fragments

Dinning table, botticino slab 3/4 inch thickness. Was accidentally broken on several fragments. Located in Bronx NY. more...

Ruined Round Table Into Many Small Fractions

You can see as far as this table-top is broken into many small pieces at all. Edges of pieces are very uneven, sharp and strongly curved. The table-top is very heavy. more...

Round Table Splitted into 4 Fractions

This mid-size round table was picked up from the client’s address and restored on our side as it would generate a lot of dust and mess on the client’s premises. more...

Tulip Saarinen Oval Table. Pre-honing on Premises

It is very critical to clean, protect and restore the polished appearance of the marble. It has to be prevented from all sorts of bad cleaning detergents, soaps and acidified cooking products. White Carrara Tulip more...

Tulip Saarinen Oval Dining Marble Table

The Tulip Saarinen table originally was not glazed and has a “naked” marble surface, so it lets us easy to polish and buff the surface by the “traditional” method of marble surface more...

Travertine Table Broken Off Corner

Broken corner and edges of dining table. Image before revamping. more...

Fixed Indian Onyx Coffee Table

The table was fixed with the help of semi-clear yellowish flowing epoxy. We had to avoid inserting metal bars from the bottom side as they could be visible through the onyx body. more...

Onyx Table Broken into Three Pieces

The onyx coffee table was accidentally split into three parts. This rich table has something like pearl shells inserted into onyx body. Was shipped from India. more...

Calacatta Gold Vanity after the Crack Repair

On this vanity we decided to use the light gray epoxy to better blend in among a natural veins. more...

Italian Travertine Dining Table after Repair

For the strengthening the table we inserted several metal rods into the table from the bottom side and into the edges. more...

Rectangular Marble Worktop after Restoration

The table was used by photographer as pictures background. So for the purpose of prevention flash reflection we preserve the original matte finish. more...

Travertine Coffee Table Corner after Repair

The crack repair and then polishing of travertine required special approach, we need to avoid the removal of original travertine filler from the surface. Otherwise the entire surface should be re polished. more...

Fixed Cracks on Botticino Commode Dresser Top

We fix this commode top with previously colored knife grade epoxy, then restore the ogee edge and then polishing and buffing. more...

Conference Ellipse Table Seam. Made from Ubatuba Granite

We disassembled this table top and its base in Downtown Manhattan, then moved it to Midtown and assembled in the other office room. more...

Emperador Dark Dining Table after Split Repair

Emperador Dark Dining Table

Broken table top repair usually done with crack reinforcing from back side by cutting a grooves and submerse supporting armature into grooves with flowing epoxy. This will give stiffness to the table, and will not more...

Conference Table. Ubatuba Granite

We move this table to new office in Midtown of Manhattan, then assembled and fixed it on site. more...

Completely Broken Round Table is Restored to Like New

Table-top now is integral. Traces of connections of sharp fragments are imperceptible. The circle of a table-top hasn’t changed. It is ideal. more...

Corner of Botticino Table. After Cracks Repair

Dinning table made of beige botticino. Cracks were fixed on client’s site within one day. Bronx NY. more...

Oval Dining Table. Internal Crack Fixed

The internal crack was fixed with black liquid/flowing epoxy, allowing the epoxy soak deep through the crack, providing the best adhesion and strength. Then polished and buffed. All done on premises. This way allows more...

Whole Round Table After Cracks Repair

The table was fixed with light gray and white semi-clear flowing epoxy. To strengthen the repair there was metal bars inserted from backside. more...

Fixed Round Coffee Table Top

The table top was fixed on client’s premises without picking ups and delivering. more...

Waves on Table Removed by Grinding

The waves and unevenness were removed by evenly grinding down the surface, then refinishing and polishing as usual. more...

Coffee Table Leg Mounting

To mount the leg we marked and drilled 5 holes with diamond drill bit. Then we fill up the holes with an epoxy and sunk the screws into epoxy. more...

Round Coffee Table. Attached Metal Leg

Because the table wasn’t attached to the leg once it fell on floor and broke. So after restoring the table we properly mounted it to the leg. more...

Restored Travertine Round Dining Table

The broken parts were glued together with pre-colored knife grade epoxy and then slightly polished to shine finish. more...

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  • Reviews:

    Lynn W. Avatar
    Lynn W.
    5 star rating

    Eugene blew us away with how fantastic our bathroom turned out. We recently moved into an apartment and were disappointed by how poorly the marble stone was kept. A friend recommended Eugene, he was very responsive and professional. You can tell he takes pride in his work. He spent two full days polishing, cleaning, caulking and grouting the entire bathroom and it looks like new. Before he left we asked for a proposal for the kitchen! I highly recommend him and would use him for every stone job we have moving forward.
    He is simply the best.

    Elle S. Avatar
    Elle S.
    5 star rating

    The first, I was impressed with how fast they got back to me after asking for a quote. Eugene was professional, fast, and keep his promises. He communicates well and it was very easy to work with him, and I was very pleased. It is very important to me that people who I work with is professional and trustworthy. I can see a long-term relationship with them and am very happy to find them. By the way I found them by looking for an answer on Houzz for my question about my furniture.

    Leonard K. Avatar
    Leonard K.
    5 star rating

    Eugene did right by us! Lowest estimate of several I received, but no corners cut. Very patient answering all my questions by email, super professional and respectful in my apartment, including thorough cleanup, and my counters look great!

    Shaun S Avatar
    Shaun S
    5 star rating

    Eugene was great. My contractor ruined our "travertine" floors. Our contractor used the wrong grout and my pale colored stone floors looked dirty. Eugene to the rescue! Eugene scrubbed, polished and regrouted the bathroom stone floor and it looks just the way it was meant to. Eugene told us that the stone was really limestone. He was quiet and went straight to work. I found him to be very respectful. He saw we had new flooring in the house and took off his shoes. Class act. We highly recommend Eugene. Now my family can finally move into our first home.

    Allison M Avatar
    Allison M.
    5 star rating

    Eugene absolutely saved the day for us, and we are so grateful. With only 3 days left to move out of our BK apt, our movers cracked a priceless family heirloom marble dresser top. We were devastated! A friend of mine who does object restoration for museums gave me ABC's website, and Eugene spent a day communicating with me, and came, to our home (in a mask) the very next day and restored our marble on location and in our tight time frame. When he was finished, it was stunning, and we are beyond grateful to him. I hope I never need his services again, but I strongly recommend him to others. At the end, he even helped us correctly package the marble for our move so we didn't need to have the movers risk harming the marble again. We are so grateful to him!

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