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Why Us

  1. All works will be done by the founder’s hands, or with the help of one technician.
  2. Extensive hands-on experience in the stone industry for over 15 years.
  3. You can get itemized proposal in PDF file usually within 24 hours, or sooner.
  4. Working hours 24/7.
  5. A wide spectrum of approaches can be performed per one project.
  6. We are an independent company, not a franchisee or sub-contractor.
  7. 99% of all works can be done on-premises and dust-free.

Notes from the Owner

Eugene ABC Stone OwnerHello, I am Eugene A. founder and operator of ABC Stone Inc., all your orders, inquiries and questions will be coming solely to me. All estimates and schedules will be made by me as well. I read every email, so you can rest assured your inquiry will be given due consideration. All incoming phone calls will be handled by my virtual assistant Teresa U.

Countertops Restoration

Stained & Etched Corian Kitchen Counter before Restoration
Glossy Corian Surface after Refinishing

Showers Restoration

Stained Tiles and Mildew On Shower Floor & Walls
Mildew Stains and Dirt in Shower after Removal

Marble Cleaning

Limestone Floor Cleaning. Difference
Kitchen Floor. Cleaned and Not Cleaned Parts

Floors Restoration

Worn Dull Serpentine Black Entryway
Serpentine Marble Tiled Entryway / Corridor after Refinishing

Steps Replacement & Restoration

Cracked Danby Marble Rare 1-3/4″ thick before Replacement
Crystallic Marble Steps Rare 1-3/4″ Thickness New Installation

Fireplaces Cleaning & Restoration

Dirty Marble Fireplace
Cleaned and Restored Marble Fireplace

Custom Cut & Fabrication

Round Dining Table before Cutting and Fabricating
Elliptical Table on Construction Side Fabrication

Grouting & Re-grouting

Cutting Existent Grout with Hand-Held Grinder
Ceramic Walls Re Grouted & Re Caulked

Caulking & Re-Caulking

Stone-Glass Top before Perimeter Re Caulking
White Glass Tub Top after Re Caulking

Etches Removal

Etched Marble Countertop
Fused Glossy Finish of the Reddish Marble

Color Stains Removal

Coffee Machine Stains before Removal
Coffee Stains on Carrara after Removal

Sealing & Stain Proofing

Sealed and Unsealed. Test Image
Sandstone Floor Sealing. Impregnator Sealer

Chips Repair

Chip on Black Granite With Gray Crystals
Black Granite with Gray Crystals. Chip after Repair

Seams Repair

Caesarstone Bad Seam before Repair
Caesarstone Seam Blended and Hidden

Cracks Repair

Broken Along the Natural Vein Coffee Table
Marble Coffee Table with Waterfall Legs after Crack Repair

Sinks Installation

Improperly Installed and Sagging Sink
Double Stainless Steel Sink Installation

Tiles Replacmnet & Resetting

Shower Tile Removal and Resetting
Shower Tiles Re-Setting to its Original Place

Lobby Restoration

Marble Lobby Polishing in Harlem NY
Refinished Marble Lobby Floor

Terrazzo Restoration

Building Terrazzo Steps before Cleaning and Polishing
Cleaned and Polished Terrazzo Steps

Table Tops Restoartion

Broken Rectangular Marble Table Worktop
Rectangular Marble Worktop after Restoration

Table Coating & Laminating

Honed Table Before Coating with Transparent Polyester
Table Coated by Transparent Satin Polyester Coating

Antique & Collectible Restoration

Statuary Marble Broken Head Bust Restoration
Statuary White Marble Bust after Restoration

Outdoor Restoration

Soiled Building Granite Panels before Cleaning
Building Facade Granite Blocks Cleaning


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