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Americans have long embraced natural stones: marble, granite, limestone etc. Their overwhelming choice is marble, which is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. With the technological advances in quarrying and finishing natural stone, marble has become very cost competitive. In many cases, quality marble will cost less than artificial stone.

Architects and designers today are discovering countless creative applications for marble, granite and tile in the home as well as in commercial locations. These applications however are only effective when the stone properly cared for. Well-preserved stone not only enhances the beauty of your home, but also can raise a home’s value exponentially.

Your marble is a valuable investment and can be damaged by wear, exposure, improper maintenance, using wrong cleaning chemicals, scratching, staining and etching can reduce the most beautiful stone products to a dull lifeless surface. Almost without exception these surfaces can be restored by us to their original beauty and shine.

Why Us

  1. All works are done by business owner’s hands, or at most with help of one technician.
  2. The widest spectrum of works, methods and approaches can be performed per one project.
  3. We are specializing rather in complex works than in a general or basic restoration.
  4. Most works can be scheduled on next or in a few days, in rare cases in 1-2 weeks.
  5. A decent experience allows us to provide you with a fast and convenient estimate over email.
  6. We always telling truth about what to expect from a repair, even if it’s not so desirable.
  7. Fast and free correction of imperfections noticed even after work completion.
  8. We are constantly investing in new products and education.
  9. 99% of all works can be done onsite, without pickup and delivery.


Notes from the Owner

Eugene ABC Stone OwnerHello, I am Eugene A. owner and operator of ABC Stone Inc., all online orders, inquiries and questions will be coming solely to me. All estimates, schedules and decisions will be made by me as well. I read every email, so you can rest assured your inquiry will be given due consideration. All incoming calls will be handled by my assistant Teresa U.

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