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Elliptical Table on Construction Side Fabrication

Oval Table Fabricated Edged

Elliptical table cut and fabricated from the round table. The old polyester coat was sanded out, two sides trimmed and rounded, edges on two long sides shaping to bullnose and polishing.  The oval table just more...

Round Dining Table before Cutting and Fabricating

Round Table Fabrication Before Reshaping

The round Botticino dining table coated with Transparent Polyester Coat, glass-like finish. Marked for trimming, cutting, edging to bullnose, coat stripping and fabrication to specified dimensions and more...

Vandalism Paint Graffiti On Granite Block

Vandalism Paint Graffiti On Granite Block

Lawrence Middle Public School graffiti paint removal. Lawrence, NY more...

Foyer White Carrara Marble Steps Thread Installation

New White Carrara Marble Steps Fitting Installation

Picture of the new white carrara marble steps in foyer after installation. The original Risers were re-used and saved, the step slabs only were adjusted and replaced. more...

Edging on Green Serpentine Mini Countertop

Edging Of Serpentine Green Marble

The edges were grinded to slight bevel, then sanded to smooth elliptical shape, then polished and buffed with buffing wheel. more...

Raw Cut Edge before Shaping on Serpentine Counter

Raw Edge Makeover On Serpentine Green Marble

The counter was taken from salvage, cut to fit and installed in new rental studio. The goal was to shape edges and polish, without affecting the wooden countertop. more...

Yellow Stains Removed in One Hour

Yellow Stain Removed On Benchtop

Picture of the counter area where the yellow stains were removed by various chemicals and methods. more...

Serpentine Green Marble Double Seamed Edge

Serpentine Green Marble Double Seamed Edge

Double edge seamed with leftover marble stip. We cut out the marble strip to fit exactly to existent edge. Then glued and forced up the stip with pressure using clamps, then simple edge shaping and polishing. more...

Green Serpentine Counter Double Edge before Attaching

Serpentine Green Marble Double Edge Refitting

The cabinets and marble top were trimmed, and cut off. Our work was to cut the stip from marble leftovers, and use this piece to build double edge on newly cut edge. more...

Window Niche Ground Up and Door Fitted to Open

Window Ceiling Grindedup To Open Door

Marble lip above window door was ground up by about 1/4 of inch, smoothed and polished. So now the door can swing freely. more...

Window Niche before Grinding Up to Allow Door Open

Window Ceiling Grind To Refit

Picture of the overhead marble lip, preventing the window door freely open. more...

White Fireplace Oily Stain Removed

White Fireplace Oily Stain Removed

Picture of the fireplace where oily stains were removed from under top shelf stab. more...

Strengthened and Fixed Landing Slab

Strengthened Fixed Landing Slab

Picture of the landing marble slab after cracks repair and supporting from underneath side. more...

Custom Insert for Counter Edge after Fabrication & Installation

Marble Insert Fabrication Repair

First we made the template, then cut out the insert from other White Carrara piece, and then install it into hole on the counter edge. more...

Mildew Stains and Dirt in Shower after Removal

Mildew Stains Dirt In Shower Removal

To restore the surfaces we used various chemicals like bleach, ammonia, peroxide etc., and surface sanding. Picture of moldy stains and dirt on tiles in shower stall after removal. more...

Marble Coffee Table with Waterfall Legs after Crack Repair

Broken Along Vein Table Repair

Marble has excellent quality characteristics: slip resistance, strength, easy maintenance, durability, beauty, uniqueness and practicality. You may be able to see where your repair is, but don’t tell anybody else and more...

Vandalism Graffiti On Engraved Granite Block after Removal

Vandalism Paint Graffiti On Granite Block Removal

Lawrence Public School engraved granite block after graffiti leftovers removal. Located in Lawrence, NY more...

Deep Erosion on Shower Floor Grinded Down

Calcium Salt Buildup Shower Floor Renewal

Erosion, mold, calcium deposits, lime and other various problems were solved in one full working day of grinding, sanding, polishing, re-grouting, caulking, and others steps and tasks. more...

Foyer Marble Step just Installed. Midwood Brooklyn

Brooklyn Foyer New Long Step Installed

To provide immediate walk-ability, this White Carrara vestibule marble step was set on “instant” cure glue during off human traffic hours. more...

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