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Brightening After Calcium Buildup & Mold Removal

Calcium Builup Mold Removal White Mosaic Shower Floor

As you can see in the photo, we restored not only between the tile seams but also removed yellowing and stains, eliminated the traces of efflorescence on the stone by deep grinding and chemical treatment. The general more...

Statuary Marble Broken Head Bust Restoration

Statuary White Marble Bust Sculpture Revitalization

Sculptural restoration is not only a faster process of returning the original appearance to marble sculptures but also cheaper than replacement. After all, you can restore not only the countertops, floors, and more...

Broken Landing Disrepair Slab

Broken Through Landing Sagging Slab Makeover

In rare cases, we can do salvageable buckling landing slabs and structural repair. A lading slab has to be propped from the bottom side, by a metal sheet, L-bars, concrete, wooden beams, etc. Under this slab we were more...

Splitted in Half Kitchen Door Saddle

Kitchen Broken In Half Door Saddle Re Bonding

Before installing the door saddle you’ll need to make sure that the floor beneath is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Marble is a soft material and can be susceptible to cracking if not installed on a level surface. more...

Splitted Onyx Bar Top in Restaurant. After Cracks Seaming

Splitted Onyx Restaurant Bartop After Refitting

Grinding and polishing onyx is identical to polishing marble. In polishing can be used crystallizer, buffing powder, diamond pads as for processing granite. The cracks repair and re-bonding are done in a very similar more...

Acrylic Tub Rim after Re Caulking

Acrylic Plastic Tub After Recaulking

Caulking the seams in the bathroom is very important because, through poor-quality caulked seams, moisture spreads into and out of the tiles, and then, after a while, causes irreparable harm to the underneath surface, more...

White Glass Tub Top after Re Caulking

White Glass Bathtub Top After Recaulking

The gap between the wall and tub can be narrow or wide. If the gap is not too wide, it is better and easier to use acrylic caulk. Insert the tube into a caulk gun and gently, in one step, fill the gap along the entire more...

Antique Marble Countertop Restoration

Antique Counter Top Improved

Antique marble counter top with the backsplash is located in a brownstone in Brooklyn. Although it had a lot of permanent stains, some of them possibly 100 years or so, after poulticing we were able to extract most of more...

Old Fashioned Vanity before Poulticing

Antique Counter Top Improvment

We will simply grind down the stained and discolored layer until we’ll get clean, raw marble with uniform color. Then a poultice will be applied to remove some of the stains from the counter. If we’ll be lucky, more...

Brightening Rusty Stains On Marble (With No Poultice)

Bright Stains On Tubtop Edge Reduced

Marble has pores and thus permeable, so it is easy to leave a stain and often impossible to remove the stains, especially on such white marble. We were able to brighten them to less obtrusive shade. more...

Black Absolute Granite Unnoticeable Crack after Repair

Black Absolute After Crack Glueing

Cracks in granite are repaired by filling up with epoxy to glue pieces back together. But the crack will remain visible and uneven unless the area around the crack is sanded and properly polished. Filling the cracks more...

UbaTuba Granite Counter Unnoticeable Chip

Black Pearl Granite Counter Chip On Edge Repair

We put tape on the area around the chip and put some epoxy to fill up the gap and spread just little above stone surface. We use epoxy and and mix color toners in the epoxy to blend the chip with best color more...

Shower Saddle after Crack Repair

Botticino Shower Threshold Hairline Crack Repair

In practice, marble is restored somewhat easier than granite. If properly processed, the traces of its restoration will be almost impossible to notice. Often the crack line may appear as a natural vein or pattern. To more...

Multi Color Square Coffee Table Top after Crack Reparation

Brown White Whole Marble Table

Hued square coffee table top slab after broken off corner repair. Various colors, patterns, and veins allowed us to hide crack lines to invisible. more...

Suffered Square Coffee Table Top before Fracture Repair

Brown White Marble Table Corner Fracture

The good news is that a broken marble slab does not mean that it has to be put down in and trashed, if the break isn’t too severe, it can be mended and used as brand new table. more...

Spotted-Etched-Dingy Limestone before Scouring

Severely Spotted Etched Burned Limestone Countertop

It is absolutely counter-indicative to apply for cleaning marble usual caustic household cleaners: a washing powder, cleaning powders like Ajax or Domestos. The substances contained in them can destroy the structure of more...

Splotchy Blots & Dingy Rings on Countertop (Kitchen Island)

Etched Specks On Shine Finish Waterfall Edge

Water spottings or etch rings on countertop surface and waterfall edge. Marble, travertine, onyx, limestone are all these stones on a calcite basis, and therefore unstable to PH active liquids, especially acids. When more...

Topical Splotchy Blots On Marble Island

Topical Stain On Marble Workbench

In order to avoid such undesired spottings, you should know:  marble is afraid of spilled coffee, tea, juice, sodas, wine, ketchup, dressing, etc. A sealer may help in some such cases but in not all cases. more...

Yellow Stains by Sink before Removal

Yellowing Stains Removal

Sometimes the light marble countertops begin to acquire an undesired yellowish shade. To remove yellowing spotting, try to apply on a stone surface and leave for a few hours a saturated solution of soap, and then more...

Deterioration on White Carrara Messed up Steps. Entire Flight

White Carrara Cracked Steps Replacement

Despite all its positive qualities, marble belongs to the group of soft stones, so constant exposure of the polished surface to abrasives, chemicals or other unfavorable compounds and other deterioration factors can more...

Dirty Crack on Caulk. Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic Tub Crack Before Recaulking

There are a lot of seams in a bathroom, and all of them must be caulked immediately after the completion of the main works. Be sure to check each seam and do not forget to apply a special compound that will give water more...

Ceramic Tiles and Tub after Re caulking

Ceramic Tiles Square Tiles Tub After Re Caulking

Re-caulking is important in areas such as: Bathtubs tops Shower floors perimeters Shower thresholds and window sill Shower glass panels Around shower fixtures such as handles and faucets Around sinks and more...

Reddish/Brown Marble Window Sill Radiator Crack Repaired

Marble Window Sill Crack Repaired

We are doing marble restoration not only on flooring but also on window sills, walls, counter tops, steps and for each task (like to save fixture) we use its own approaches and equipment. more...

Black Granite Chap Fracture By Sink

Black Absolute Front Fracture By Sink Cutout

Cutout for sinks or cook-top are weakest areas on a counter, and the most potential spots for chap cracks to happen, as there is most concentration of internal tensions over an entire counter. more...

Brown Rust Stains On Marble TubTop Edge

Blemish Bright Stains On Tubtop Edge

Taking into account the content of minerals in marble, there is always a risk that the iron in the rock can rust. A beautiful picture can deteriorate when iron, deep inside the rock, changes color under the influence more...

Grime on Tiles and Mildew. Shower Floor & Walls

Badly Stained Mildew Dirt On Shower Floor Walls

Shower Mold Removal. Undesired toxic black mildew can cause problems such as mold illness, mental disability, damaging internal organs, allergic reactions, etc. If you don’t take care of mildew in a shower, it can more...

White Mantelpiece Oily Adhesive Blots

White Mantelpiece Oily Stain

The organic blots/smears were left by Christmas Decorations adhered to the marble panel. Often there is an opportunity to remove such stains with special gels, and organic stains from a light stone often can be removed more...

Coffee Machine Blotchy Stains before Removal

Coffee Blemish Undesired Stains Removal

Spills and drops from coffee, tea, wine can leave ugly undesired marks. To avoid this, immediately wipe the stain with a damp cloth and then apply to the remaining stain with a special “Mangiamacchia – Spot more...

Dark Emperador Bathroom Tiles after Polishing

Dark Emperador Bathroom Tiles Polishing

To achieve the ideal floor, it is necessary to grind it with subsequent polishing. This type of work will give your floor a qualitatively different appearance, not only from aesthetic but also from a practical point of more...

Nude Woman Modern Statue
Statuary Cleaning & Sealing

Interior Nude Women Statue Cleaning Sealing

Sealers are products that saturate and penetrate into pores of statuary marble and clog its pores, thus reducing the natural absorbency of most stains. more...

Statuary White Carrara Bust. Sculptural Restoration

Statuary White Marble Bust After Sculpture Restoration

In order to glue together splintered statuary white marble parts you need special glue-like Akepox, and it must be designed for a white marble repair. The fact if you’ll use the wrong mastic you can make very visible more...

Non-Skid Tape Installation on Granite Steps

Anti Slip Tape Installation Non Skid

Installing quartz, ceramic, porcelain, granite steps in a building, commercial or factory premises as well as on the adjacent street territory is a practical and economical solution. However, with all the advantages of more...

Safety-Walk/Non-Skid/Slip Resistant Strips Installation

Anti-slip (non-skid) tape installation and seam repair on the granite step. Petrossian Caviar restaurant at 911 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019. more...

Dull Deterioration of Serpentine Black Entryway

Opaque Dull Serpentine Black Entryway

Entryway marble floors are most often subjected to restoration because due to deterioration such as sand grain abrasive effects in mud, the floors are usually opaque, severely scratched and worn out. It happens when more...

Black Markino Tub Blotchy Water Spots

Black Marble Tubtop Opaque Cloudy Spots

Cloudy opaque spots on marble are actually etched, no stains, the salts, and minerals in tap water react on the surface, leaving such etch marks. more...

Caesarstone Poorly Filled Seam before Trimming

Caesarstone Terrific Filled Seam

The poorly filled seam on Caesarstone is cleaned from old glue by cut out and is ready for fill up, blending and restoration. more...

Scratched Marble Back-Splash before Removal

Backsplas Scratch Removal

Although surfaces made of natural stone refer to sufficiently hard surfaces, but it can be easily be scratched by any hard object like kitchenware. A good deep polishing can definitely remove light surface scratches more...

Brooklyn Brownstone House Mantelpieces Restoration

Brownstone Brooklyn House Marble Mantelpieces Restoration

As a result of intensive and long-term use, the marble fireplaces are losing all their beauty and attractiveness. In addition, many non-aesthetic scratches, gashes, chips, and stains are formed on its surfaces. To more...

Crack on Reddish Marble Window Sill

Marble Window Sill Gash Cracks

Often to restore window sill, it is necessary to dismantle the stone. Today, we can restore your window sill right on-premises. The price for the restoration will be accordingly cheaper, since dismounting and more...

Countertop Custom Insert Fabrication & Installation

Benchtop Custom Insert Fabrication And Refitting

When restoring marble such operations as grinding, polishing, sawing, drilling, cutting, carving, gluing, sealing, glazing, refitting and others can be used and their combinations. more...

Basket Weave Crumbling on Mosaic Tiles Refit

Basket Weave Mosaic Re Installing

Mosaic tiles are a combination of pieces of the same shape and size, glued to its base, which creates a single composition. The base can be a mesh or paper. The material is various, it can be glass, stone, plastic, more...

Broken in Half Granite Backsplash

Beige Granite Backsplash Split Into Two

In fact, after the backsplash crack restoration, it will be visually intact. Outwardly, nothing will show its repair, it will be possible to notice the traces of restoration only under the magnifying glass and knowing more...

Black Absolute Counter Buckling Split by Sink

Black Absolute Split Apart Repair

Granite crevice repair is quite a demanded service, which we are performing constantly. As a rule, at most this applies to granite tiles and granite countertops. Of course, granite crevice reparation should be more...

Nosing Disrupt on Foyer Step in Midwood, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Foyer Chapped Step Replacment

The repair of marble steps in a building also implies compliance with certain technical features of the repair. This is necessary not only for the fact that brand new steps in public buildings would last longer but for more...

Serpentine Black Marble Bathroom Floor

Serpentine Black Marble Bathroom Floor

A marble floor suffers from women heel pins, furniture legs, sand, which falls from shoe soles. And if a heavy object falls on the marble, it is possible to form a chip or pothole. All these consequences can be removed more...

Between Toilet and Marble Floor after Re Siliconing

Toilet And Marble Re Caulking

Clean the sides of the toilet base from traces of dirt, old grout or caulk. After this, carefully dry them with torch or fan, as well as the adjacent floor. The further processed joint must be degreased with acetone or more...

Splotchy Blots on Corian Countertop Restoration

Stained Corian Kitchen Counter

It is important to remember that a Corian (despite it’s man-made stone) can be spoiled by any acids: sour berries and fruits, general detergents and others. In the case of acid spilled on Corian, it is important more...

Brown Limestone Countertop Dingy Rings & Dull Blots

Brown Limestone Etches Light Burns On Surface

More often than not, customers call us for polishing countertops service and restoring tabletops because of the fact that marble countertops are susceptible to stains and with time passing lose its elegant appearance. more...

Blots On Top of Marble Surface Sanded Out

Topical Stain On Marble Cookbench Removed

The blotchy stains were topical and easy to removie with top layer of marble. Sometimes light countertops begin to acquire a yellowish shade. To remove such film, try to apply on a surface and leave for a short time a more...

Brooklyn Fireplace with Poultice On Keystone

Brooklyn Fireplace Poultice On Keystone

For the stains removal test, first, we applied poultice on the keystone of this wood-burning parlor fireplace. more...

Man Made Stone before Nock Removal

Man Made Stone Chip Removal

Man made stone is characterized by a simpler manufacturing and processing, a lower cost and it is much easier to perform chips repair or finishing works than on its natural analogue. All these characteristics combined more...

Small Nick/Nock Repair on Counter Top Edge

Beige Counter Edge With Nick Repair

For a chips on counter-top edge, I would recommend a thicker glue, almost a putty like consistency. more...

Nocks on Rough Countertop Edge

Countertop Chipped Edge Before Repair

When restoring nocks on countertops we are using the special two-component adhesives (Superior or Akemi) both either on polyester or epoxy basis. more...

Banjo Vanity Top Sag Fixed by Attaching to Wall

Banjo Vanity Top Fracture Support Repair

After all procedures with glue for the crack and sagging propping, all the restoration sites must be polished, so that the surface is perfectly even and smooth, and gluing places are not visible and could not be felt more...

Banjo Vanity Top Sagging Wing Repair

Banjo Vanity Top Sagging Fracture

Here you need to restore most marble characteristics to the original while retaining maximum elements of the product. This is a task for professionals, since considerable practical skills, sophisticated equipment, and more...

Severely Chipped Nosing on Marble Step

Bruised Hit Step Replacement

The step was severely chipped by moving company, and could not be properly restored due its size and location, so we suggested to replace the step instead of repair. A patched chip would not last and would happen more...

Nude Woman Marble Sculpture Cleaning

Nude Women Sculpture Spruce Up Sealing

Marble sculpture sealing with protective agents is recommended once a year or two, but it all depends on the degree of stress on it. Basically, silicone-based sealers are used for saturation, they protect the stone more...

Cracked Danby Rare Marble 1-3/4″ thick. Stairwell Before

Brooklyn Building Cracked Marble Steps Replacement

First of all, due to the fact that marble availability can be found at every step: marble floor at metro stations, in restaurants, museums, cultural centers, historic buildings and modern buildings. A natural marble more...

Travertine Beveled Tiles in Shower before Cleaning

Beveled Travertine Tiles On Shower Walls Cleaning

A fresh sealant can be removed easily from most types of surfaces – just wash it off with warm water and soap. However, after drying it may be a pretty tough task. Most often, various solvents can be used for more...

Pale Erosion on Marble Walls above Bathtub

Brownish Yellow Beige Marble Walls Bathtub Erosing

In fact, the shower walls polishing procedure is the same as on large floor spaces. The difference is only in the equipment used. The only point about which you should not forget is that the restoration of the walls more...

Serpentine Marble Tiled Entryway / Corridor after Refinishing

Buffed Serpentine Black Tiled Corridor

We use the best sealers to give marble floors the maximum protection and an elegant and consistent appearance. more...

Banjo Double Sink Vanity Crevice Caused by Metal Bar

Banjo Double Sink Vanity Long Crack

The long throughout offshoot crevice on Crema Marfil marble banjo vanity top happened by metal bar rusting and expanding asides. more...

Pre Honing Floor (Eggshell Finish)

Pre Honing Floor

The grinding process (make hone finish) is part of a floor polishing process, it can also be the stand-alone process in order to make the floor leveling, to get rid of superficial cracks, scratches, and dull spots. The more...

Grime on Marble Steps in Foyer

Lobby Marble Steps Before Refurbishing

Most often, marble steps restoration and additional stone repairs are required for stairs and floors made of natural stone. These items made from natural stone that is more prone to wear and tear, cracks, scratching, more...

Pale Black Absolute before Seam Repair and Refinishing

Opaque Black Absolute Granite Counter

Granite countertops – the most practical choice for a kitchen. They are not reacting with acids and they are very difficult to scratch. As a protective measure remember the following rule: try to remove spilled more...

Dingy Foyer Marble Floor with Porcelain Inserts

Foyer Floor Inserts Cleanup

Not everyone can afford stairs, columns, floors, countertops made of natural marble not only testify to the taste of the owner, but also about a certain level of prosperity. After all, long ago only very rich and noble more...

Tainted Disrepair Marble Foyer Floor & Saddle

Brownstone House Tainted Foyer Floor Recovery

It is important to understand, any sealers or cleaners for marble will not protect it from sand, dirt, grime, scratches, dingy spots and a doormat placed at the entrance will wipe off any dirt from the sole of the more...

Worn Out Granite on Dingy Floor in Lobby. Before Polishing

Glanite Lobby Floor Before Polishing

Why the granite restoration process is important? First, it is worth comparing how the granite looked before and after polishing. Also, if the granite contains many cracks, scratches, scuffs, and dingy spots, then the more...

5 Stages of Floor Restoration. Disrepair Foyer Floor

Rosso Verona Reddish Floor Before Resurfacing

Marble grinding and polishing is used for pitted, swelled and worn out to a depth of 1/16 to 3/16 + inches. Marble floor grinding is carried out to the majority gap’s depth, and the deepest ones are filled by more...

Terrazzo Restroom Janitorial Cleaning & Polishing

Terrazzo Restroom Janitorial Cleaning Polishing

Very often there is a need to restore old, shabby floor especially for grime terrazzo floors in public places. There are many ways to restore the old floor and give it a beautiful, original appearance, moreover, many more...

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    Lynn W. Avatar
    Lynn W.
    5 star rating

    Eugene blew us away with how fantastic our bathroom turned out. We recently moved into an apartment and were disappointed by how poorly the marble stone was kept. A friend recommended Eugene, he was very responsive and professional. You can tell he takes pride in his work. He spent two full days polishing, cleaning, caulking and grouting the entire bathroom and it looks like new. Before he left we asked for a proposal for the kitchen! I highly recommend him and would use him for every stone job we have moving forward.
    He is simply the best.

    Elle S. Avatar
    Elle S.
    5 star rating

    The first, I was impressed with how fast they got back to me after asking for a quote. Eugene was professional, fast, and keep his promises. He communicates well and it was very easy to work with him, and I was very pleased. It is very important to me that people who I work with is professional and trustworthy. I can see a long-term relationship with them and am very happy to find them. By the way I found them by looking for an answer on Houzz for my question about my furniture.

    Leonard K. Avatar
    Leonard K.
    5 star rating

    Eugene did right by us! Lowest estimate of several I received, but no corners cut. Very patient answering all my questions by email, super professional and respectful in my apartment, including thorough cleanup, and my counters look great!

    Shaun S Avatar
    Shaun S
    5 star rating

    Eugene was great. My contractor ruined our "travertine" floors. Our contractor used the wrong grout and my pale colored stone floors looked dirty. Eugene to the rescue! Eugene scrubbed, polished and regrouted the bathroom stone floor and it looks just the way it was meant to. Eugene told us that the stone was really limestone. He was quiet and went straight to work. I found him to be very respectful. He saw we had new flooring in the house and took off his shoes. Class act. We highly recommend Eugene. Now my family can finally move into our first home.

    Allison M Avatar
    Allison M.
    5 star rating

    Eugene absolutely saved the day for us, and we are so grateful. With only 3 days left to move out of our BK apt, our movers cracked a priceless family heirloom marble dresser top. We were devastated! A friend of mine who does object restoration for museums gave me ABC's website, and Eugene spent a day communicating with me, and came, to our home (in a mask) the very next day and restored our marble on location and in our tight time frame. When he was finished, it was stunning, and we are beyond grateful to him. I hope I never need his services again, but I strongly recommend him to others. At the end, he even helped us correctly package the marble for our move so we didn't need to have the movers risk harming the marble again. We are so grateful to him!

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