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    Eugene ABC Stone Owner Hello, my name is Eugene A. I am founder and operator of ABC Stone Inc., all your orders, inquiries and questions will be coming solely to me. All estimates and schedules will be made by me as well.
    * Please note, before visiting for onsite estimate I need to see a picture of shower and evaluate a possible scope of work.
  • Marble Shower Restoration Features

    • Bundle discounts are available.
    • Economical or Full Shower Restoration Service.
    • Prices per shower are starting from $450.
    • Save thousands dollars by restoration vs. replacement.
    • For Your convenience working 7 days a week.
    • Work will be performed by ABC Stone Inc owner.

    Grime on Tiles and Mildew. Shower Floor & Walls
    Mildew Stains and Dirt in Shower after Removal

    Travertine Beveled Tiles in Shower before Cleaning

    Travertine Tiles and Ceramic Liner Trim Shower Restoration

    Salts Buildup – Mold – Efflorescence Removal

    Brightening After Calcium Buildup & Mold Removal

    Shower Deterioration and Deep Erosion on Shower Floor

    Deep Erosion on Shower Floor Ground Down

    Corroded Shower Floor Build Up

    Shower Floor after Build Up Removal

    Pale Discoloration Caused by Caustic Bleach Cleaner<br>Limestone Shower Floor

    Revived Limestone Shower Floor

    Messed up Mosaic Shower Floor before Restoration

    Limestone Mosaic Shower Floor after Full Restoration

    Mold on Marble Tiles in Shower Stall

    Mold and Stains Removal by Brightening

    Mold on Ceramic Tiles. Shower Stall Disrepair

    Ceramic Shower Stall Restoration

    Built In Shower Niche before Cleaning

    Cleaned Shower Built-in Niche/Soap Shelf

    Splotchy Erosion on Shower Limestone Shelf

    Limestone Shower Shelf after Water Erosion and Etches Removal

    Shower Threshold Replacement

    Shower Threshold Just Installed

    White Erosion on Limestone Tub Top

    Limestone Bathtub Top. Discoloration & Erosion Removal

    We are serving:

    Manhattan, NY
    Brooklyn, NY
    Queens, NY
    Bronx, NY
    Staten Island, NY

    Depending of project nature and its value we can serve some areas of:
    Long Island, NY
    Upstate, NY
    New Jersey.

    For an inquiry please send us email with your zip, project details and some pictures to

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